Ep. 17: Spilling The Tea on Entrepreneurship with Steve O’Dell

In 2019, coffee has some major competition —> enter matcha, a green tea that offers caffeine without the crash. Not to be mistaken as just another trendy drink sipped by instagram models, the green tea is jam-packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and good-for-you-stuff that can prevent cancer, improve focus, make your skin glow, promote relaxation and more! No wonder people love matcha so matcha. In our latest YAP episode, we chat with Steve O’Dell, the Founder & CEO of Tenzo Tea, an up-and-coming matcha tea startup. Tune in to hear him spill the tea on launching his company—— from getting seed funding to building a brand—— and uncover all the health and energy benefits that Matcha tea has to offer!

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