Ep. 20: Supercharge Your Storytelling with Dr. AJ Minai

Sell it with a story! We ‘ve told stories for as long as we’ve been human, since ancient times people have used stories to communicate, learn, and connect with one other. Today, storytelling has become a prominent trend in the business as organizations look to enhance brand awareness and loyalty by telling compelling stories about their products and services. Helping us uncover the value of storytelling is Dr. AJ Minai, a professional storyteller from Malaysia who has made his rounds as the chief marketing, innovation, and executive officer at several companies Now AJ is taking everything he knows about storytelling and sharing his knowledge at various conferences, as a TED speaker, and now here on YAP. Tune into the episode to understand why storytelling has become so popular in business, learn how to tell more effective stories, and hear real examples of businesses who do it right.

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