Ep. 22: Becoming Astronomically Ambitious with Naveen Jain

Shoot for the moon! In this episode we’re yappin’ with billionaire Naveen Jain about moonshots or astronomically ambitious projects that address a huge problem, propose a radical solution and use breakthrough technology to achieve the goal. Moonshots like Google’s self-driving car or SpaceX’s goal of humans becoming an multi-planetary species live in the gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; instead of mere 10 percent gains— they aim for 10x improvements. Naveen Jain is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through his moonshot projects. He is the former CEO of Infospace, one of the largest internet companies before the dot com bubble. Now he spends his time on Moon Express, a company determined to harvest energy and resources from the moon. And another company, Viome, a gut microbiome testing service which applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide personalized nutritional recommendations to reduce diseases like cancer and diabetes and increase human lifespans. Tune in to this episode to learn why we need to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, how to become more imaginative and open to possibilities, and hear Naveen’s amazing vision for the future of energy, health, AI and more!

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