Ep. 51: Tackling Tough Conversations with Sheila Heen

“Hey, we need to talk…” <– if these words scare you, trust that you’re not alone!

Whether we’re dealing with an under-performing employee, upset with our spouse, or facing issues with a difficult client, we attempt or avoid difficult conversations everyday. Healthy relationships are built around communication and transparency, and so learning how to navigate tough conversations with less stress and more success can help optimize our relationships.

Join us this week on YAP as we tackle tough conversations with best-selling co-author of the business classic Difficult Conversations and Harvard Law lecturer, Sheila Heen.

Tune in to learn the three layers of difficult conversations and how to overcome each one of them, the benefit of telling a third story to start your discussions off on the right foot and learn how to enhance the skill of receiving feedback by understanding the common initial reactions we all have when receiving negative feedback and how to deal with them in a positive way.

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