Ep. 59: Become a Real Estate Rockstar with Ryan Serhant

Sponsored by Video Husky. If your’e looking for affordable video editing services to take your marketing to the next level check out /cart.videohusky.com/youngandprofiting and get 30% off your first month! Are you ready to become the ultimate sales machine and sell it like Serhant? This week on YAP, Hala chats with Ryan Serhant. Ryan started off his career as an actor, and when he couldn’t make ends meet he looked to real estate to pay his bills. As fate with have it, very early in his career Ryan auditioned for Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and was selected amongst thousands to participate in the reality tv show, which went on to be super popular and propelled Ryan into stardom. Ryan took the opportunity to fully step into the role he played on the show and forced himself become the incredible real estate and sales guru he is today— selling over 1 billion dollars in real estate each year to date! Tune in to learn how learn Ryan’s key sales principles like the “balls up” approach and his “3Fs” approach: follow up, follow through and follow back.

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