#79: Tell Your Brand Story and Transform Your Career with Marietta Gentles Crawford

Becoming a master at the art of self-promotion and personal branding is key to stand out and make a good impression.

Snap judgements are made very quickly in the world we live in, so your personal brand is more important than ever! How do you show up? What do people say about you when you aren’t in the room? 

Today, we are talking with Marietta Gentles Crawford, a personal branding strategist, author, and coach. Marietta worked for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years before becoming an entrepreneur to help small businesses and freelancers build a personality-driven brand.

Tune in to hear all about Marietta’s bad work experiences and how they helped her become a career change expert, and learn the importance of your brand story and how to create one keeping her WIFM (What’s in it For Me) principle in mind. 

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Show Notes:

 3:31 – Marietta’s Background and Expertise

5:08 – Imposter Syndrome & Confidence

9:35 – Work Breakdown and Learnings

17:10 – How to Make a Career Change 

19:16 – Questions to Ask When Self-Assessing

21:32 – How to Move Forward with a Plan

23:34 – SMART Goals

25:30 – Toxic Thoughts and the Importance of a Good Mindset

27:20 – Importance of Brand Story and How to Develop it 

32:11 – WIFM, or ‘What’s in it For Me?’

36:35 – How to be More Likable 

39:14 – Common Myths about Authenticity

41:21 – Confidence vs. Arrogance

43:36 – How to Share Your Opinions

46:40 – 80% Building Relationships, 20% Building a Personal Brand

48:48 – Marietta’s Secret to Profiting in Life


Marietta’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Nine-Thrive-Building-Personal-Elevating-ebook/dp/B0722NT5NZ

Marietta’s Website: www.maribrandsforyou.com

Marietta’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariettagentlescrawford/


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