#87: Practice of Creativity with Seth Godin

Hear from the GOAT of marketing!

Our guest this week is Seth Godin, marketing mastermind, public speaker and best-selling author. You may know him for one of his 20 books, including his newest book, The Practice. He is also the founder of Akimbo, hosts the Akimbo podcast, and creates some of the most sought-after marketing courses online, including the altMBA.

Today, we talk with Seth about some of the core principles of marketing and how they apply to everyone – not just marketers! We also dive into his inspiration behind his newest book, The Practice, how to approach creativity as a professional, the importance of generosity with ideas, and why people may be holding themselves back from success without knowing it. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!


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01:21 – Seth’s Failures over his Career

03:36 – Why Imposter Syndrome is Widespread

05:25 – What is Permission Marketing?

07:51 – How to Know When Content is Relevant

10:13 – Explanation of Smallest Viable Audience 

14:39 – Why We are Addicted to Stories

19:57 – What are Marketers Doing Wrong in 2020

22:27 – Personalization vs. Permission Marketing

24:16 – Seth’s Opinion on Automation Tools

27:22 – Why Seth Decided to Write His New Book, The Practice

29:09 – Problem on Focusing on Outcomes

31:10 – The Juggling Analogy

33:20 – Definition of a Leader

34:23 – Definition of Art

35:17 – The Importance of Generosity

37:05 – Why People Hold Their Work Back

38:03 – Why Writers’ Block Doesn’t Exist

40:58 – Profession vs. Hobby

42:20 – Seth’s Secret to Profiting in Life


Links Mentioned in the Episode:


Seth’s Website: https://www.sethgodin.com/

Seth’s New Book, The Practice: https://seths.blog/thepractice

Seth’s Blog: https://seths.blog/

Seth’s Podcast, Akimbo: https://www.akimbo.link/

Seth’s Workshops: https://www.akimbo.com/

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