#89: Poker and the Psychology of Uncertainty with Maria Konnikova

Embrace your inner poker mastermind!


On this week’s episode, we are chatting with Maria Konnikova, New York Times best-selling author, journalist and professional poker player. After years of solely focusing on her writing, Maria picked up poker while using her background in psychology to assist her in mastering the game.


Today, we’ll talk about how Maria got interested in poker and how she was able to become a poker champion. We’ll also discuss different psychological mindsets, how to make the best decisions, the importance of failure and more. 


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03:36 – How Maria First Got Interested in Poker

06:20 – Explanation of Game Theory

08:29 – Story Behind Maria’s Poker Coaching

12:23 – How Psychology Lends Itself to Poker

14:13 – Maria’s Fascination with Sherlock Holmes and His Message

19:51 – System Watson vs. System Holmes 

22:15 – The Brain Attic Metaphor

27:15 – Memory Training Tips 

30:05 – Why Maria Decided to Write a Book About Luck

32:33 – Reason to Separate the Decision Process From the Outcome

36:23 – Illusion of Control and How it Affects our Outcomes

38:33 – Importance of Skill in the Long Term

40:50 – How Maria Learned to Embrace Failure

43:37 – Concept of Tilting and How to Stay Calm

46:13 – Tips on How to Read People’s Emotions

50:35 – Overcoming Social Stereotypes on the Poker Table

53:14 – Maria’s Secret to Profiting in Life


Mentioned in the Show:


Maria’s Newest Book, The Biggest Bluff: https://www.mariakonnikova.com/books/the-biggest-bluff/

Maria’s Website: mariakonnikova.com

Maria’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mkonnikova

Maria’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grlnamedmaria/

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