Do you know what it takes to create a successful podcast? Joining us on YAP this week is Mark Metry, a global keynote speaker, host of a Top 100 podcast and founder of VU Dream, a VR/AR marketing agency based in Boston. 

As podcasts have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, they have become an excellent medium for individuals to tell their stories and share ideas from their own point of view. 

One of the biggest appeals of a podcast is that they are not regulated or filtered, people can have honest conversations with others for hours while talking about complex ideas and sharing personal beliefs. In addition to sharing information about what it takes to run a successful podcast, Mark Metry also talks about the impact that VR/AR could have on the future, including expanding consciousness and mental health applications. 

As Mark Metry states during the interview: “This is going to be the real estate of us living in a future mixed reality world where there’s not going to be a difference between digital or real life. And it’s just going to be like, what do I want to do? Who do I want to talk to? No longer bound by the limits of geography, time and money. That’s going to be life. ” 

In this episode, Hala Taha and our guest, Mark Metry, discuss his personal journey to becoming the host of a Top 100 podcast, and talk about how VR/AR can change the world. 

For more on Mark Metry follow him on Linkedin at, on Twitter @markmetry, on Instagram @markmetry and visit his website at

Just enduring something, feeling that pain so that your mind almost is depending on your perspective of course, because there’s a lot of people who do go through the pain but they never ended up coming out. That ended up shifting their perspective and using that pain as sort of a way to build their mind.

What are we yapping about in this episode:

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