Do you have what it takes to take control of your life and achieve success? Joining us on YAP this week is Jordan Paris a Linkedin influencer and host of the popular podcast, Growth Mindset University.

While most of us have many dreams and aspirations, it can be difficult to determine the path that we must take in order to achieve those goals. This is where growth mindset comes in, having a growth mindset means learning the necessary skills to succeed in our professional lives, while also designing a lifestyle that suits our needs. For different people, this can mean different things, while some people prioritize making money as a primary goal in life, others prioritize relationships, or simply having fun. When a certain activity is aligned with our priorities it becomes much easier to pursue them and make decisions without hesitation. 

As Jordan Paris states during the interview: “There are three criteria in which I designed my life around, make a lot of money, help a lot of people have a lot of fun. So if a specific activity comes across my desk and it doesn’t fit at least one of those three criteria, if not two, I either don’t do it at all or I outsource it. I’ve designed the life of my dreams, so life with a lot of joy and fulfillment in every single day.” 

Most of us have a few goals that we value most in our lives and making those a priority can help many of us live the lifestyle that we have always dreamed of. In this episode, Hala Taha and our guest Jordan Paris discuss what it means to have a growth mindset and share tips on how we can use the 50 principles of growth mindset to design our ideal life. 

For more on Jordan Paris follow him on Linkedin at, on Instagram @j_paris_ and visit his website at

Motivation is something that pushes you and that’s the way I do it. I view inspiration as something that’s external and inspiration is internal and it pulls you like a magnet towards your dreams.

What are we yapping about in this episode:

  • Jordan Paris’ background story  [07:39]
  • Defining growth mindset  [16:57]
  • Understanding the difference between motivation and inspiration  [18:31]
  • The steps towards creating a successful podcast [23:43]

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