Month: March 2019

Christopher Voss: Negotiate Like a Boss | E23

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #23: Negotiate Like a Boss with Christopher Voss This week on YAP, we’re talking to Christopher Voss, a former leading FBI international hostage and kidnapping negotiator. Now Chris spends his time as an author, professor and coach teaching others how to apply his learnings from international crisis and high-stakes…

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Naveen Jain: Becoming Astronomically Ambitious | E22

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud #22: Becoming Astronomically Ambitious with Naveen Jain Shoot for the moon! In this episode we’re yappin’ with billionaire Naveen Jain about moonshots or astronomically ambitious projects that address a huge problem, propose a radical solution and use breakthrough technology to achieve the goal. Moonshots like Google’s self-driving car or…

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