#57: Build Your Social Capital With Jordan Harbinger

#57: Build Your Social Capital With Jordan Harbinger

Build and spend your social capital wisely! This episode of YAP is sponsored by Podcorn, a marketplace connecting podcasters to amazing sponsorship opportunities. If your a podcaster www.podcorn.com. Today on YAP, Hala chats with Jordan Harbinger, “The Larry King” of podcasters and social dynamics expert who has been doing his podcasting thing for over 12 years. Jordan started out on “The Art of Charm,” podcast and now he hosts “The Jordan Harbinger Show” which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, and was awarded the Best Podcast of 2018 by Apple. Listen to #57 to learn how to care for your network to make it stronger than ever, and get Jordan’s key practicals to boost your confidence and ace your first impressions. As a bonus, we’ll also dig into podcasting and cover topics like how he studies for his guests to why most podcasts fail.

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