#105: Smarter Ways to WFH (Work From Home) with Laura Vanderkam

#105: Smarter Ways to WFH (Work From Home) with Laura Vanderkam

#105: Smarter Ways to WFH (Work From Home) with Laura Vanderkam

Stressed out about working from home?

Then stress no more!

In this episode, we are chatting with Laura Vanderkam, best-selling author, podcast host, and productivity expert. Her Ted talk, How to Gain Control of Your Free Time, has been viewed over 11 million times! She is also the host of Before Breakfast which features productivity tips every weekday morning. Her work has been featured in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, City Journal, Fortune, and Fast Company and she has appeared on shows such as The Today Show and CBS This Morning.

In this week’s episode, we talk about Laura’s new book, The New Corner Office, which is all about how to work from home, the benefits of having a routine, and creating work rituals. We’ll also dive deeper into how to cultivate a great WFH environment, ta-da lists (instead of to-do lists), why planning out your week ahead of time is beneficial, and more!

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03:56 – Laura’s Past Five Years

05:07 – Benefits of Having a Routine and How to Have a Good One

07:35 – Opinion on a Fake/Mock Commute

09:11 – Advice on Dressing while WFH

11:09 – What’s a ‘Monday Morning’ Ritual

12:53 – How to Respond to Fires at Work

15:02 – Thoughts on Batching

17:07 – Laura’s Work Environment and How to Have the Best Environment

20:56 – How to Limit Distractions

22:51 – Ta-Da Lists

26:30 – How to Prioritize Tasks

28:19 – Why to Plan Out Your Week On Fridays

31:36 – Visualizing Your Future to Help Your Goals

34:57 – Why Designing Your Ideal Week is Important

37:30 – How to Keep Employees Engaged and Good Company Cultures

40:55 – Looking at Time with an ‘Abundance’ Mindset

42:35 – Laura’s Secret to Profiting in Life

Mentioned in the Episode:

Laura’s New Book, From the Corner Office: https://lauravanderkam.com/books/the-new-corner-office-how-the-most-successful-people-work-from-home/

Laura’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauravanderkam/

Laura’s Website: https://lauravanderkam.com/