#106: Launching a Business or Side Hustle with Josh Kaufman

#106: Launching a Business or Side Hustle with Josh Kaufman

#106: Launching a Business or Side Hustle with Josh Kaufman

Want to start a business but not sure where (or how) to start?!

In today’s episode, we are talking with Josh Kaufman, best-selling author, researcher, and speaker. Josh’s TEDx talk on The First 20 Hours is one of the top 25 most-viewed TED talks published to date, with over 22 million views on YouTube. His research has been featured by The New York Times, The BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Fortune, Forbes, Time, BusinessWeek, Wired, Fast Company, Financial Times, HarvardBusiness.org, The World Economic Forum, Inside Higher Ed, Lifehacker, MarketWatch, The Independent, Bloomberg TV, PBS Next Avenue, CCTV, and CNN’s Sanjay Gupta MD.

In this episode, we chat about Josh’s first book, Personal MBA, signs to find a viable market if you are starting a business, and the characteristics that all good products/services have. We’ll also talk more about how to test out your business idea, actionable steps to decide pricing, learning curves, the aspects of rapid skills acquisition, and more. This is a jam packed episode that we made it into two parts – so make sure to catch both!

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04:15 – How Josh’s Degree Shaped His Career

07:43 – Why Josh Decided to Write His Book, Personal MBA

11:50 – How to Find a Viable Market

19:41 – Signs to Look for if There’s Real Opportunity

 26:16 – Good Characteristics of a Product or Service

29:56 – Exceptional Product/Service in the Pandemic

32:24 – Best Ways to Test Business Ideas

35:38 – Steps to Decide Pricing

44:20 – Different Objections to Anticipate

Mentioned in the Episode:

Josh’s Website: joshkaufman.net

Josh’s First Book, Personal MBA: https://personalmba.com/

Josh’s Second Book, The First 20 Hours: https://first20hours.com/

Josh’s New Book, How to Fight a Hydra: https://howtofightahydra.com/#home