#140: The Leadership Gap with Peter Bregman

#140: The Leadership Gap with Peter Bregman

#140: The Leadership Gap with Peter Bregman

How can we be a better leader for ourselves and those around us? In this episode we are talking with Peter Bregman. Peter is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a global management consulting firm which advises CEOs and their leadership teams. He speaks, writes, and consults about how to lead and how to live. He’s also an acclaimed author, podcast host, and speaker. Peter is recognized as the #1 executive coach in the world by Leading Global Coaches, is ranked as a Top 30 thought leader by Thinkers 50 Radar and selected as one of the Top 8 thought leaders in leadership. He is ranked by Global Guru’s as one of the top 30 best Coaches in the world and one of the top 30 best leadership speakers/trainers in the world. He is the award-winning, best-selling author and contributor of 18 books, including his newest book You CAN Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Your Colleagues, Employees—Even Family—Up Their Game. He also hosts a top 10 leadership podcast called Bregman Leadership Podcast. In today’s episode, we discuss Peter’s personal journey and how he reclaimed his purpose after he lost his company in the dot com crash. We’ll also talk about Peter’s books 18 Minutes and You CAN Change Other People and how to incorporate the books’ key takeaways about time management and leadership. We’ll also discuss how to pivot from good and bad feedback, and how to build your emotional courage. If you’ve been wanting to amplify the leader within yourself, keep listening!

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00:38: Peter’s Origins and How He Got Started

12:40: What Peter Did After the Dot Com Crash 

16:13: Peter’s Book 18 Minutes

21:39: Productive vs. Unproductive Distractions 

24:23: Peter’s Advice for Organizational Focus 

33:23: Peter’s Personal Definition of Leadership 

34:02: The Leadership Gap 

41:53: How To Implement Emotional Courage 

46:29: The Other Three Pillars of Leadership 

48:58: Peter’s New Book You Can Change Other People 

56:43: Separating Good and Bad Feedback 

1:07:49: Peter’s Secret to Profiting in Life

Mentioned In The Episode:

Peter’s Masterclass – https://bregmanpartners.com/masterclass/ 

Leadership Gap Assessment – https://bregmanpartners.com/where-is-your-leadership-gap-assessment/ 

Peter’s Website – https://bregmanpartners.com/