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Are you looking for a morning drink that’s similar to coffee but amazing for your health? Matcha is the new coffee with its ability to boost your immune system while providing a quick energy boost without the crash. Steve O’Dell  is the CEO and co-founder of Tenzo Tea, an up-and-coming matcha tea startup. From learning about the various health benefits of matcha tea to sharing his personal experience of building a startup, Steve O’Dell provides a realistic look at both the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.  As Steve O’Dell states during the interview: “You just need to make the most of what you can right now and I highly recommend [that] young entrepreneurs out there [be] extremely specific about what they want to do and just to do those things truly great.”

For many tea lovers out there, matcha is the latest trendy drink that boasts an impressive array of positive health effects, so in this episode, Hala Taha and our guest Steve O’Dell discuss the benefits of drinking matcha and share valuable advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs including how develop a brand identity, securing seed funding, supply chain best practices and more!

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Matcha has the highest amount of antioxidants of any edible food or beverage in the world


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What we are yapping about in this episode:

  • Understanding Steve O’Dell’s personal journey to becoming an entrepreneur [03:54]
  • The challenges and rewards of working with a business partner  [13:36]
  • Process of obtaining funding for a startup [22:11]
  • The various health benefits of matcha tea  [36:37]

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