The Iceman Wim Hof: Hack Your Biochemistry | E175

The Iceman Wim Hof: Hack Your Biochemistry | E175

The Iceman Wim Hof: Hack Your Biochemistry | E175

Imagine you could voluntarily activate your autonomic nervous system and immune system response and consciously control your response to stress and pain. Now, imagine you would do all this through a combination of breathwork, meditation, and cold therapy. This is the basis of the Wim Hof Method, a method touted by thousands and backed by science as having incredible physical and mental health benefits. The Wim Hof Method was founded by Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete, motivational speaker, and wellbeing influencer, known as “The Iceman” for a long-list of incredible feats involving his ability to withstand extreme cold, including 26 Guinness World Records. Wim asserts that anyone can master the Wim Hof method and unlock the incredible health benefits that come with it. In this episode, Hala and Wim chat about the science behind the Wim Hof Method and how to do it. They talk about Wim’s background and his first experiences with the cold and breath work, and they chat about the purpose in life and how to tap into your intuition. 

Topics Include:

– Perspective on the purpose of life 

– Role of the body vs the role of the soul 

– What’s wrong with always feeling comfortable? 

– Wim’s mission in life

– What was Wim like as a teenager? 

– How do you know what your intuition is? 

– Is this the next human evolution? 

– How did Wim Hoff become the Iceman? 

– How did he figure out the breathing aspect?

– The importance of deep breathing 

– What is the Wim Hoff breathing method? 

– What is adrenaline’s role? 

– How is the Wim Hof Method scientifically proven? 

– Wim’s perspective on religion 

– Wim’s actionable advice 

– Wim’s secret to profiting in life

– And other topics…

Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete, motivational speaker, and wellbeing influencer. He is known as “The Iceman.” Wim earned this nickname after setting 26 Guinness world records, including swimming under ice, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, submerging himself in ice for 1 hour and 52 minutes, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in just shorts and sandals.

Wim Hof is the creator of the Wim Hof method, a combination of breathing, cold therapy, and commitment to give you the tools to take control over your body. Wim is on a mission to share the potential health benefits of his method, working with scientists around the world to prove that his techniques work. 

He is the author of several books including, The Wim Hof Method: Activate Your Full Potential. 

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Hala Taha: [00:00:00] You are listening to YAP, Young and Profiting Podcast, a place where you can listen, learn and profit. Welcome to the show. I'm your host, Hala Taha, and on Young and Profiting Podcast. We investigate a new topic each week and interview some of the brightest minds in the world. My goal is to turn their wisdom into actionable advice that you can use in your everyday life, no matter your age, profession, or industry.

There's no fluff on this podcast and that's on purpose. I'm here to uncover value from my guest. By doing the proper research and asking the right questions. If you're new to the show, we've chatted with the likes of ex-FBI agents, real estate moguls, self-made billionaires, CEOs, and bestselling authors.

Our subject matter ranges from enhancing productivity, how to gain influence, the art of entrepreneurship and more. If you're smart and like to continually improve yourself, hit the subscribe button because you'll [00:01:00] love it here at Young and Profiting Podcast. This week on YAP. We're chatting with the iceman Wim Hof.

Wim is a Dutch extreme athlete who holds 21 Guinness World Records. He earned his nickname The Iceman, for his ability to withstand extreme cold stunts like running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle, barefoot, wearing only shorts and swimming underneath ice for 66 meters or 216 feet. 

But Wim's not just testing the limits when it comes to the cold. In 2011, he let scientist inject him with an E.Coli Endotoxin that would make anyone seriously ill, and he proved he could control his autonomic nervous and immune system response and fight off the dangerous bacteria. How did he do it. Wim practices a combination of cold exposure and breathing techniques called the Wim Hof Method.

It enables him to connect more deeply with his body and control his physiology. Wim and his groundbreaking method has been featured on Rolling [00:02:00] Stone, ABC, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, and Ellen. And he's a host of celebrity fans like Tim Ferris, Tom Cruise, and Oprah to name a few. In this episode, Wim and I chat about how he discovered the Wim Hof Method, and he breaks down what it is and how it works.

We then dive into his perspective on the purpose of life and the role of the soul versus the role of the body. We learn why staying comfortable is preventing us from understanding the true power of our bodies, and we gain insights on the ways Wim has scientifically proven to reverse chronic illness and improve mental and physical health with his revolutionary Wim Hof Method.

If you wanna hack your biochemistry so you can lead healthier, happier life, take a deep breath and listen up to my epic conversation with The Iceman, Wim Hof.

Hey Wim. Welcome to Young and Profiting Podcast. 

Wim Hof: Thank you.

Hala Taha: So happy that you're here. This might be one of my most anticipated interviews [00:03:00] so far this year, and you are a living legend known as The Iceman. And this is because of your dozens of world records involving the cold, including climbing Mount Everest in shorts and running an ice and snow half marathon barefoot.

You've taken the scientific world by storm and you've helped humans reimagine the possibilities of understanding our brains and the conscious control of our innermost bodily functions and systems. And you seem to be truly enlightened and have tapped into ancient wisdom through your work. And so my plan is to cover a lot of ground in the next hour.

And I wanna be sure all of my Young and Profiteers hear your perspective on the meaning of life, the creation of life, and our purpose as humans. I wanna get some background into how you became the iceman and all the revolutionary findings that have come from your breathing techniques and the scientific studies that back it up.

And I also wanna understand how you envision the future of mankind. So we've got a lot of things to cover, so I wanna get straight into some of your beliefs. I wanna start off with your [00:04:00] perspective on the purpose of life. You've said in the past that the brainstem is the purpose of life. I wanna understand what you mean by that, and what do you think the purpose of life is as humans?

Wim Hof: Yes. Brainstem is the reptilian brain. The purpose of life is life itself. Without life, there is nothing. So it all started the development of mammals, of reptiles in the past as the brainstem. The brainstem knows cold, it knows eat, it knows fear, it knows food, it knows freeze, but it doesn't think it is not a really feeling, but the purpose of life as being just life is there.

And then we developed our brains into a limbic system. Upon that, Which is the mammalian brain and then the neocortex, which is the human brain. And now we are able to think [00:05:00] about things and become conscious. Consciousness means expanding neurology inside the brain. And that makes our existence as beings suddenly able to alleviate the gravity where we came in.

And have a consciousness growing that transcends the physical powers of this world and goes into a higher consciousness. But before that happens, we need to have a understanding of how to control these mechanisms inside the brain to evolve from being in this world into consciousness. Which is entangled to a consciousness which is able to transcend or to become enlightened.

Cause in the end, our purpose is to be light, not dark, light, not heavy. 

Hala Taha: So while we're on the [00:06:00] topic of the meaning of life, I think you have a really unique perspective on the role of the body versus the role of the soul. Could you explain that to us? 

Wim Hof: Yes. The body is the absolutely the vehicle of our soul. Without a soul, we stink in one day. It's because of the grace of the soul that you are smiling and looking at me and being conscious and so beautiful. You are beautiful, but the soul in the people all is beautiful. It is the light itself. So in that body, it's able to express. And I've been studying my body's reactions as well as the limits of what a body and mind is able to do, say in aggressive environment.

The cold is really the dark. It's dark, it's cold. There is no light. And testing my light, my power of my [00:07:00] mind and body to go into that matter and to see how far I can get. And then going in there, I found out we have a soul. We have a soul that is able to tap into areas of our brain and body, which is far more than in science status.

And this is what I've learned to by going into nature, into the unknown past my fears. To venture, to want to know what is the soul. The soul is like the unlimited power of the mind. And our physical body is like the radio who picks up the waves. The resonance and the unlimited power of the, is the neural a neurological connection we can have as being the receiver and sender of what is the [00:08:00] unlimited power of the mind around us.

It's all there. Only the, my body has been tested and gone past our conditioned way of thinking and doing, enabling me to find things thought of in science impossible. Like how to beat disease, how to beat depression, how to beat no one physiological. Loss and stay for hours in freezing cold and have no temperature chains within myself, or how to go into the deep at will into the deepest of the brain and the deepest of the bone marrow into the deepest of the DNA.

This was all thought. It's impossible for humans to do that willfully, but I know my body, I have been testing it [00:09:00] out, me myself, not going according the books, but according my intuition, my instinct, and that brought me exactly where I want to be. To see and feel the presence of something that is more than thinking.

That right now is present within me and it enlightens me, and I'm able to enlighten millions of people now. 

Hala Taha: So something that's really interesting, like you were just saying before, that the cold is like the dark, right? You purposely make yourself uncomfortable. And here we are in modern day age, we're wearing clothes.

We keep ourselves warm. We've got temperature control, AC, heat. We're always comfortable, right? We're always wearing clothes. We never feel the environment. What's wrong with that? 

Wim Hof: That means we destimulate our organs. It's the greatest of organs is our skin. So when we do not stimulate our [00:10:00] skins receptors, neural receptors, temperature receptors, pain receptors, it's all in the skin.

It's millions of them. We always cover them up. So what kind of information do you give your body inside when it is destimulated? When it is always the same there is no danger, there is no deep stimulation. And that then is not able to stimulate and or make grow internal neurological networks.

That is, was also known in science that people are able to regulate their internal neurological networks, like the sixth sense, the seven sense, and the eighth sense. It's all new proprioception in interception and the sixth sense, which is intuition and instinct. Those are internally, but [00:11:00] if we cover up our bodies, then of course something will not work fully.

And then we think when we keep on going into discomfort zone behavior, then we will have to confront ourselves with modern day problems. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: Comfort zone, behavioral problems. And that is the cardiovascular related diseases, for example, is killer number one in our society. It's because in our skin, all the hundred 25,000 kilometers, like 75,000 kilometers miles of cardiovascular channels, they end up in the skin when they are not stimulated, the internal vascular system is not stimulated as well, and a joint with the cardiovascular [00:12:00] system.

Hundred 75,000 miles in each and every one of us are millions of little muscles. So if you don't stimulate them, they become mediocre and the heart needs to pump harder and it becomes stressful. And then we ask, why do we have burnouts while we are able to run people to the moon and to Mars? And I don't know what all do highly civilized and all amazing technology.

And then not being able to regulate our happiness, strength and health to be strong and vivid as we should. And we are built to be strong and vivid and enthusiastic and creative, and always positively radiant. We are built like that. Only we de stimulated our own potential. We de stimulated our capacity, and that's why we are facing so [00:13:00] many autoimmune diseases, cancers, depressions, stress, burnouts, fatigues call it all kinds of names. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: All goes to the same problem. De stimulative comfort zone behavior. So going out of there is actually seeking real comfort or real power. And it is an initial stressful response you will get when you go into the cold, but very soon, in a couple of days, the cold is gone and your energy is up.

That is our natural state that we have a lot of energy all day long. Amazing what you can do with that. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. It's so crazy. It's almost like as humans, as we got more civilized, we forgot about our own internal powers because we just got more comfortable de stimulated. And we forgot what power we actually have and how our mind can [00:14:00] actually change our body, which is why your work is so powerful, so whim. I wanna take a step back. I wanna go to your childhood. So you were born in the Netherlands. You were born to a household of nine kids, and you were actually a twin brother, and you came into the world completely unexpected.

Your twin brother was born first, and then you came next and your mom said to you, let this child live. I will make him a missionary. So tell us, what is your mission in life today? 

Wim Hof: My mission is no less than changing the world through the heart of people, billions of people through the heart. I will show that unconditional love for life and for each other is a natural inborn capacity of every person in the world.

So that is where there is no depression, no disease. When people become unconditionally love such great power when you feel it. Now, if we imagine if we could make that unconditional [00:15:00] power cult love up and running within us without condition. Just, you wake up and you are just in love. You know how strong love can be. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: When you love somebody, you fly. You don't think you got such a strong sensations and emotions and you are lifted up. You are like flying. That power is also there unconditionally. Also without a need of another person, it's there. And so I love my wife very much and my family life now, but I was born like 63 years ago and then my mother, yes, she set that slogan, said that invocation.

In the cold of the hall. I was unexpected being born in the cold of the hall with the words, oh God, let this child [00:16:00] live. I will make him a missionary. That was my mother God fearing person, pious, but very strong in her beliefs. And that must have to been the tattoo on my soul back then. And that made me different all my life.

So yeah, respect to the mother and the love and the power there. It now it is so far that through the ABC, this series, I'm doing Hollywood and it's getting to hundreds and millions of people now. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. Everybody knows The Iceman. 

Wim Hof: Yeah. So my aim is nothing less, once again, as in the beginning to change the world.

To bring the understanding and the tools to connect with the power to unconditionally love life. 

Hala Taha: That's [00:17:00] beautiful. 

Let's hold that thought and take a quick break with our sponsors. 

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So let's take it to your teenagers. So when you were 17 years old, you were vegetarian, you tried different things like [00:20:00] karate, kung fu, yoga, and then something attracted you into ice water. You didn't really figure it out completely until later on, but you were attracted to cold water. So what were you like as a teenager?

Why did you it's not normal to do kung fu and like to do yoga when you were a kid. What were you like when you were a teenager? 

Wim Hof: I was quite knowledgeable. A debater philosopher. Into esoteric disciplines, from sophism to Buddhism, to Hinduism, to Karate of Japan, to yoga from India. Anything I could get my hands upon was of interest to me, and I practiced it all.

I was very disciplined. No drinking, no smoking. Just going into these exercises and disciplines, the practice and philosophy a lot. And then I found at the age of 17, I was already at read [00:21:00] hundreds of books. Was just different. Maybe not a nerd. I can't say I was a nerd. No, I followed my feeling. My feeling wanted to know, to get to know more languages.

I speak many languages. It is because my feeling has always been open to learn. If you stay open, you will learn languages. Don't talk a language. If I went to France, I opened up to learn French and then to Spain and then to Spanish, and that's the way I've learned it. And so the moment you speak 10 languages is no problem.

And that is because you are an open being. We should not close ourselves up in our persona. Always be inquisitive like a child. A child's inquisitive nature is stronger than to be in their persona. That's why they are always so excited and they are beautiful cause they are the directly [00:22:00] present in the light.

That's what I want. I want to be in the light now and forever. Going back then when I was 17, , I found myself in the park a Sunday morning. I felt a attraction, intuitive and attraction in instinctively. I went in and I was hooked, and this is 46 years ago and since then I've been doing it every winter, every day going into the cold.

The cold is a doorway, as I say to the soul. Cause through the cold you automatically breathe deeply. And when you breathe deeply, you go past this comfort zone, behavior role conditioning. You get into deeper areas of your physiology of the mind and the body because you are feeding it, when you are alive.

, when you feel it. Then you [00:23:00] don't need to know what is life what? No, you are there. That's what the call is able to bring you to this awareness to a deeper depth than your conditioned mind of the modern times. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: I followed that and then I became aware that my breathing deepened, and with the deepening, I began to exercise and to try out different kinds of breathing that resulted in very effective techniques that now have shattered signs.

Hala Taha: Yeah.

Wim Hof: For example three weeks ago I got a mother with two children coming to me and age five and seven, both brain tumors. They have to go into chemo and they are sick all the time, nauseous and sick. And they lose their hair and all that because of their chemo. [00:24:00] But since they are doing this, these breathing techniques plus going into the cold, their white cells of the immune system have tenfold multiplied.

Hala Taha: Wow. 

Wim Hof: It directly feeds into the depth of the system. And with that, the white cells, they multiplied like crazy. And this is a very effective. These breathing techniques, very effective to do it with the cold cause it goes into the depth of your physiology much deeper than our modern day conditioning.

And then brings solace to say two, two children of five and seven. They are happy now. 

Hala Taha: That's amazing. 

Wim Hof: They are full of energy and they don't feel the chemo whatsoever. The mother is happy, the children are happy. I'm happy. [00:25:00] So with that, the techniques I found, cause there is more than meets the eye, and I just began on the hunch when I was 17.

Now it has been proven throughout my life to beat all kinds of war records and then signs itself. 

Hala Taha: Yes. And so we're gonna get into all the techniques and the studies that you've been into and exactly what the Wim Hof method is. We're gonna talk about all of that. But you mentioned something that I really wanna touch on, which is following your intuition.

You did not read this in a book. You figured this out by following your feelings. And I feel like a lot of people now, they don't know how to even understand what their own feelings and intuition is. They don't even know how to control that or how to even appreciate it or understand that. So talk to us about how do you know what your intuition is, what your feelings are, where you should go next?

What are the things that you envision or [00:26:00] feel? 

Wim Hof: First of all, know that your intuition is a neurological network. It's called the instinct and the intuition. And those are neuro signaling coming from cognitive cells in the gut and in the heart, and they are very strong. Only we, with our thinking brain, we have developed a established complex of thinking mechanisms that suppress intuition, the neurology of the gut and the heart to the brain.

It blocks it. We keep on thinking, and thus it is very difficult to sense it cause we are blocked therein. If you go many times one direction, then it's very difficult to get out of the trodden path. We should have developed those neurological pathways to the heart and to the God [00:27:00] much more than we did.

So we talk about that and that's why you don't feel it. That's why you don't understand it, because it hasn't got anything to do with this thinking. It has got to do with absolute feeling, a feeling more subtle, but more powerful as premonition, telepathy, clairvoyance, beautiful, subtle, imaginary images.

All those things we are deprived from because we are school to learn one and one is two. What is history? What is mathematics? What is the language? Hey, we should have learned in this primary school to be happy, strong, and healthy. If we come more from an intuitive way, from our instincts and having developed that, then we know what is wrong and what is right.

We can feel it. We [00:28:00] can understand the messages, and we are billed to be always in balance inside. But we have been, we had to learn all the time. This we keep on going and then that part has been neglected and that is the sensitive inner child. It's a sad story actually, but now I'm here to say we found now a way to top down regulate those neurological pathways.

So we are able to go back into reconnecting from our br state of mind into those neurological networks called the sixth sense, seventh sense, eigth sense, or the intuition, the instinct, the knowing why you are here, the purpose of life. All those things are not abstract things. The, [00:29:00] that it's physiology. And now I made it physical, showing it in scientific brain scans and then showing that now we have found the keys of the autonomous processes in the brain related to mood, regulation, or emotion.

So the emotion can be regulated by us. And who doesn't want to feel happy, strong, and healthy? That's our mood. And mood you can also call it the mind. So we got those keys now, and for those who are seeking intuition, instinct and do not even understand what it is, let me tell you, we found a physical keys to open it up.

So you listen to this podcast and you give it a follow up by just trying out these techniques and get back into connection with your [00:30:00] true self. Cuz it's beautiful. 

Hala Taha: It is. This is so interesting and so powerful to me. Something that I'm curious about is, do you think that we used to know this stuff in ancient times, or do you think that we are evolving now and this is the next evolution?

What do you think 

Wim Hof: It is the second one. Before of course, there were less people, was much more trade, much more creativity, less industrialized. Copying of things, extension tools. It was a lot less. So the other parts of the brain were much more stimulated. Dust developed, yes. But 50 years ago, or 55 years ago, 1969 or seven.

It was when Apollo went to the moon. And all that Houston the data, the control, Cape Canaveral, the moon the rocket, and the Apollo that was all [00:31:00] that together in data was a lot less than this. 

Hala Taha: The phone. Yeah. 

Wim Hof: And this iPhone, we all use iPhones and phones and is digital traffic that runs into our neurology.

Our neurology goes a lot faster now. Than 50 years ago. The thing is, our minds have evolved internally very fast, and now it's the time to take ownership control over our brain functioning at will. And now that's exactly what I've been showing inside that goes fully against the understandings or say of psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience, immunology, all those sciences from the past, they are shattered.

Take inflammation. Inflammation is the cause and effect of disease, any [00:32:00] disease. And then in 2014, I showed very clearly after having received a bacteria injected. How to defy a bacteria injected on the which creates an aggressive reaction on the immune system becomes overactive. That's called inflammation.

And I just brought it down and dealt with the bacteria like in the beginning so it could not grow. I inhibited it, and that is because I activated my immune system to a much deeper level at will or at will. And then they said, if you are able to do that, then that means you are able to bring down the cause and effect of disease, but you must be a freak of nature because nobody ever has shown what you have been showing in [00:33:00] results.

And then I said, no, anybody can do this. Our mind at will is now able to tap in to our, say, immune system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, much deeper than ever before has been stated in scientific literature. Of course, the whole pharmaceutical industry and all those people dependent on sick people because that's their client clients, it's going to go away because people have a much more possible autonomy over that what causes disease, whatever the name of disease.

So the possible capacity of the state of our mind in our brain nowadays, not 50 years ago nowadays. And now we are also able to tap into, say, the [00:34:00] past the time, space, consciousness, which is a part in our brain but the soul doesn't know time or it's undersigned. It knows more than time cuz it's everlasting.

It's unbreakable and everlasting. But you cannot ask a child what it is to be an adult. It never has experienced it. And we, it's very difficult to talk to people and say, do you know what it is to be timeless? Do you know what it is to be the soul that is going to pass time and space? When time and space are no longer, then the fear of death is gone.

And we are able to go past that time space consciousness originated from our neocortex and our prefrontal cortex, whatever the names our present day consciousness is captivated within the time space, [00:35:00] consciousness. But we in our mind are able now to tap into the unlimited, to the timelessness, the unlimited power of our mind.

It's just neurology, it's physical. It's no longer philosophy. So we are able to tap into those areas. And that means all your people when you listen to this podcast, that we found the keys to go into the control of hundred percent of our minds. Brains. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: Cause the minds is what we receive and where we send it to.

That's why it's called The Unlimited Power. It's everywhere and everything. But we are the radio, we are the sender and the receiver. And with that, we are able to control our bodies. With resonance for neurology and neurology is controlling the cardiovascular system, et [00:36:00] cetera, all that and emotions, they all have purpose.

And now we are able to enter into that all willfully. It is saying to the person, what do you really want? Cause you are able to find it and you are built to be able to find it. And if not, go into the eyes, do the breathing. Cause it makes you go past your conditioned, captivated mind. So there we are.

Hala Taha: Amazing. 

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So I definitely wanna go back to this topic and talk about placebos in a bit, but [00:43:00] first I actually want my listeners to understand how you became The Iceman. So like we were saying, when you were 17, you were dabbling in the cold, but really your true awakening came out of pain and grief. And so from my research that I learned that your wife had Schizophrenia when you were 35, she committed suicide, she left you with four children to care for on your own.

I can't even imagine how tough that must have been. The busyness of tending to four young children, you probably didn't have much time to grief or deal with the pain. So help us understand how did you become The Iceman from the death of your wife? 

Wim Hof: Yes. You become very fast conscious to find a way to deal with the situation when you have full kids and you have no money and you are heartbroken.

Or you overcome or you break. It's very simple. And then I found that the cult was able to bring stillness in my mind. That was going past my emotional agony. Emotional agony is [00:44:00] part of the mind, and it happens, but then suddenly we have no control over it and we are delivered to the gods of emotions and terrible.

And it's all day long and it eats us alive. It's neurology and we are broken and we need the other half and it's not there. So that is psychosomatically. A very devastating part for anybody in our society. And that there is quite little consideration for these people because they have to run with the train of daily life.

And keep on going. Especially I had to, so the only thing that could stop that emotional agony, that was the icy water. So that gave me just a brief moment of opening the door to healing, to tranquility, to just purpose. Just being. Just being and feeling was great at that moment, [00:45:00] even though I was in icy cold water, I felt relief of that emotional agony, which is much more stressful than icy water, I can tell you.

Yeah. But through the icy water I could find relief and that gave me back my control over my body. Over my body and my emotions while I'm doing this. 

Hala Taha: So you were in the water and that made you gasp, right? Is that how you figured out the breathing? 

Wim Hof: The cold and gasping? Yes. If you gasp, it is because you automatically need deeper breathing to withstand the stressful impact of icy water on the skin.

It needs a biochemistry change. And that is being done by deep breathing. This is feeding your body from the inside and thus you can go longer into icy water. You suddenly, because you make your [00:46:00] body so powerful, it's unimaginable how powerful the body can become. Your will is connected to the mind and your will is neurology.

So those are neuro signals. Together with breathing. That is a powerful entity. And began to become conscious of that. And that entity then made me, yeah, go into every day, into a more than one time until I was back fully in control and with all the energy I needed to have a happy or a good, vibrant family life without money even.

I was happy, strong and healthy and for, and the kids could see it. I was more a child than they were. This is what they say now. 

Hala Taha: That's so beautiful. And so nowadays we don't breathe deep. Most of us don't breathe deep. We breathe shallow. So can you talk to us about what deep [00:47:00] breathing does? Like how does it clean ourselves? Why is it so good for us? 

Wim Hof: Yes. Deep breathing makes our carbon dioxide to breathing out. Not only it makes the CO2, carbon dioxide goes off with the exercises of bre deep breathing. But if you generally breathe deeper then your body does not become acidic. We walk in our society, we take on stress.

We have to exercise and exert our bodies and minds, and we think we can do that without repercussions. And that's not. We have biochemical repercussions of that, making our bodies acidic. Deep breathing simply gives us the food to deal with that stress and to go deeply into the lymphatic system, which is [00:48:00] the storage system, the garbage system of ours.

Where biochemical residue is present. If you breathe deep, then it gets into the lymphatic system, and once it gets into the lymphatic, then it cleanses the acidity over there, and then you will feel relieved again. And you feel energy because that's the way we are. We are vibrant beings until we become acidic, then we feel sluggish, we feel tired, we feel, oh, it's too much and it's logical because the biochemistry is not clean.

We should clean ourselves every day. If we do this breathing, these breathing techniques and they are very simple, then it has been shown in scientific blood results taken of people doing this. Then you become very alkaline. And [00:49:00] then five hours later they took the blood again of those people who did their breathing, there were still alkaline.

That means it is a thorough way to cleanse yourself in the depth of your physiology and then magic happens. 

Hala Taha: Yeah, and it's free. 

Wim Hof: It is freedom. Freedom is the ability to go anywhere with your mind and your body inside. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. So how do you perform the Wim Hof Method exactly? What is the Wim Hof breathing method?

Wim Hof: Yes, it is starting with the cold, gradual cold exposure. I always say a cold shower a day keeps the doctor away. Just take it on guys. This, it's also the best skincare you can ever imagine. Because you stimulate all these receptors in the skin everywhere and that makes it the blood flow go to the skin [00:50:00] and blood flow is nutrients.

It's oxygen, it's vitamins, minerals, it's all there. It's feeding it from the inside. That is one. Two, if you go into the cold, you train your cardiovascular system. We think the cardiovascular system, you don't see it, but it has millions of little muscles. And going into the cold shower is stimulating deeply, those millions of little muscles and thus the blood flow will go much better through your body.

That is the 75,000 miles. It will travel a lot better because all those muscles, they help with contracting and opening. That is because of the stimulation of the core. Do it. And then the heart rate goes down like 20, 30 beats a minute, 24 hours a day. That means a lot less stress. And because all those millions of little muscles [00:51:00] help the blood flow go through much better, that's why reaches all the cells a lot better, by which the nutrients there are minerals.

The oxygen they get into the cells a lot better, means a lot more energy. So energy goes up, the stress goes down. That is what is the cold is doing. Really energy ghost. Whoa, how much energy do you want? You will get it. That's one. Two is the breathing. Naturally when you go into the cold, you feel deep breathing.

Deep breathing cleanses the lymphatic system. You become you deacidify yourself. You become alkaline and alkalinity is the carrier, the right biochemical environment for the neurology to flow. That is our electrical system. That [00:52:00] is our nervous system is electricity. Those are electrons and protons.

Yes. And every cell is a battery. And they, when you become alkaline, then every cell, trillions or other, but let's take one cell. There in are electrons and protons. When they are ma mingled, they, it's not able to charge up energy. Electrons and ptotons, I'm call it, this is physiology, eh, electrophysiology.

So when you become alkaline, then they get a part, the electrons and protons become a part. That means suddenly the battery is getting charged. And thus that is very good for the cell mechanisms, but also for your energy in general. You will see that if you do the breathing, for example, I hear a lot of CEOs saying at two o'clock in the afternoon, I'm sluggish in my mind. 

And then I do [00:53:00] the breathing. 20 minutes, I'm fresh like a chicken again. Yeah. This is making the energies, the alkalinity in the body, making it alkaline by which the nervous system is able to run with the speed of light. The speed of electricity is the speed of light it's within, and we can make that happen anytime.

So that is great. That is the breathing. And you were talking a little bit about the placebo, but the placebo, I can tell you is no longer. I showed that in brain scans, how to activate or robustly the endocannabinoid system, which is a name periaqueductal gray hemisphere. It's where the opioids, the cannabinoids, dopamine, serotonin, all is there and I'm able to activate that at will.

Hala Taha: Yep.

Wim Hof: And [00:54:00] with that, I'm able to rectify inside what needs to be balanced out because of inflammation, deregulation of the immune system whatsoever what is making me sick. I'm able to nullify it by activating my pharmacy inside and it knows exactly what to do. 

Hala Taha: Yeah. And so when you say placebos no more, do you mean you figured out what a placebo is?

It's actually people controlling their inner their bodies because they believe something. And before they never really knew that they had the power, but they took this pill and then they believed they had the power. Is that what it wa what it is? 

Wim Hof: Exactly. It's no longer a suggestive power. It is the power innate capacity of ours to regulate what is out of what is deregulated in our bodies.

Hala Taha: Yeah. There's two things that you talk that I wanna talk about. Alkaline, which you touched on, and adrenaline. [00:55:00] So alkaline, usually we think we've gotta drink certain types of water, but I learned from you that, like you said, deep breathing can impact our alkalinity. We can have the perfect pH levels and our bodies so it can operate beyond what we're currently used to.

So if we have shallow breathing, it's acidic, and if we have deep breathing, we can become more alkaline and our body performs better. Now, what does adrenaline have to do? I know adrenaline is a big part of this, so what does adrenaline have to do with this? 

Wim Hof: Yes, adrenaline is a great resetter. When you are in danger then you can shit in your pants, you can pee in your pants. Anything that is inside is done instantly out cuz you gotta be ready, you gotta be handling the situation with the utmost of functionality. That's what it is. And then not only shitting and peeing in the pants, but also bacteria and virus, [00:56:00] they don't ate to the situation. They are blocking it. They're making it a sluggish.

It's like people who are entrepreneurs and they are not working for a boss, but they are having their own company and they have to go for a deadline. They are able to postpone their becoming sick because they have to do the deadline. That's adrenaline. So the adrenaline, when it, one say it shuts down because the deadline has been reached and all, then they become sick.

Suddenly. I had this problem with the people of SpaceX, the Elon Musk? SpaceX. I gave her the master class over there. And those people going on the mission to the moon, to the space. It's every time a mission they have to perform adrenaline. And then when it's over, more than half of the people become sick every time.

But not [00:57:00] anymore. And that is because I teach people how to activate and regulate their own adrenal axis to an extent by which they are able to bring down, when you feel not good, when you feel whatever should not be inside. You should be able to activate your adrenal access, to spike it, to reset yourself and feel great again.

Hala Taha: Yeah. 

Wim Hof: So that is what we do with these breathing techniques. They are able to activate deeply the adrenal axis. And then once, because you are doing it, you get a willful connection with that adrenal axis. And then when you need it in daily life somewhere because you don't feel good, because you gotta perform, you gotta do a speech, a keynote speech, or this or that, or [00:58:00] a marriage proposal or whatever, emotional, mental dis something difficult, then you are able to activate it and to be the best of yourself at that moment.

And that's what we learn by going into the eyes. And doing the breathing exercises, we learn to have a willful or neurological connection with those areas of the brain. That brings us to the ability to function well in difficult situations. 

Hala Taha: And you've scientifically proven this, and it's not just you are able to replicate this with other people. So you actually had a study that you did with 12 other people, I believe, where you guys injected yourselves with e coli and endotoxin, E. coli, and usually people get violently sick. But nobody in the study really got sick. So tell us about that study and anything else in terms [00:59:00] of studies, maybe something new, whatever you wanna share in terms of how this is scientifically proven now.

Wim Hof: Yes, there's quite a lot now proven only the bastards who make money on us being sick and dependent, they of course don't want that. These are natural ways and it's not bound to only The Iceman. It is everybody is able to go much deeper in their physiology of mind and body than before was considered possible.

It is really paradigm shifting material. So for the people who listening, I did that study in 2013 where we had a competitive research done on 12 people who did not the training for four days, and the others did a training for four days and they all were subjected to an [01:00:00] injection of E. coli bacteria within a endotoxemia model, experimental model.

And normally people become very sick. Has fever, headaches, agony, muscle aches, back aches, nausea, vomiting, things like that. And that's because of the inflammation and you cannot stop it. But these guys, 12 of them, and this is actually not only 24 people, it's 16,000 before they all became sick.

And then suddenly 12 people did not. Absolutely not a hundred percent not become sick. 

Hala Taha: Wow. 

Wim Hof: So that is at least, I would say, man, that's sick. Wow. Great. . 

Hala Taha: It's incredible. 

Wim Hof: Yeah. These people were like making jokes. Oh, I think they injected us with sugar water because nothing is happening. They did the breathing [01:01:00] exercises and they had this cold training only for four days and they were able.

And this was considered to be impossible in humans to tap into the autonomic nervous system that is the parasympathetic and and sympathetic nervous system, which we cannot control. And with that, the innate immune system, if there was a problem in the covid virus, inflammation causing diseases, a pulmonary, what was it?

Endothelial leaks in the lungs and where people drown in themselves like pneumatic edema, then it is caused by an inflammation. And we brought it down. Nobody wants to know about this. This is sick. This is a sick society where money is be being brought up. Hey that's our earning model. We don't want to crash into that.

Man, where have we [01:02:00] gone with our soul? Happiness, strength and health. This is what I've showed through science, and even then people do not take it up. And it changed the books in the university. Yeah, it was been published in the best of scientific papers of the world. Why they are not taking it up is evident, but I tell to you, the listener right now, Hey man, there is a way where you are able to get a much deeper hold of yourself to guarantee and maintain your own happiness, strength, and health.

Just take it on, follow up on this and look into it and just try it out once. If it doesn't work, blame me. But if it works, Amen. Congratulations. You have a great control over your own systems the way nature meant to be. [01:03:00] And then afterwards I did, that's where we actually shattered sign science, the found foundations of science.

We shattered it over there. This was impossible considered in all the hundreds of years of science that the autonomic nervous system willfully can be activated, influenced, changed controlled. It was not there. And now it's there. It changed the whole paradigm. So that's history. Yeah, that's historical guys.

And it's historical for your own health, happiness, and strength in your life. Just take it on. This is more than reading matter or entertainment. These are real facts. The real tools. It's called the breathing and the a gradual cold exposure to bring you back to your real natural condition wherein you are able to maintain and activate your own happiness, strength and health.

It's all there guys. And [01:04:00] with that, the ability to control a hundred percent of your own brain, which we also showed in another study in Hanover in Germany, with whom I'm going to have a podcast after this with the doctors of them. We found out through these breathing exercises that we are able to activate hundred percent neural activity inside the brain, and then the mind, which is omnipresent, omniscience, and omnipotent.

We can reach it, we can tap into that, and we can use it for whatever we need in our subconsciousness. Through our intuition and our instincts. The sixth sense we can all learn to control and say, listen, it's not difficult, it's not complicated. Just bring it on. Cause you are now innately, our mind in the [01:05:00] field of consciousness where everybody actually is connected to now is ready to be entered by us at will.

So that's another study I just did and I'm doing right now, a study with cardiologists of the world, Montreal, Nuremberg, and Hanover, big universities and the best of equipment. And they saw heart films and they saw five times more blood flushing into the heart and into the brain doing these breathing exercises.

That was one. But then, every trauma has an cardiovascular imprint in everybody of us. And that's the way it stores up when it happens in the moment, it's too much. Yeah. But it is imprinted in our cardiovascular system. It remembers it's stored up now doing these breathing techniques, [01:06:00] you go into extreme contraction and extreme dilatation or opening of the vascular system by which you shake off the cardiovascular imprint, which is the future of psychiatry.

Breathing is the future of psychiatry and cardiology because cardiology means, hey, if you are able to reboot your heart, the electrical currents in your heart by flushing five times more blood inside, it's like a reboosting. Your car in the winter, the battery needs a booster. It's like you boost you from the inside.

And we are doing the study with 600 people right now. The data is being processed, but this is all revolutionary. And so I got more, I I did these studies and Detroit in brain scans and fMRI's, and it shows that we now found keys to enter [01:07:00] into emotion willfully only using the will. We have to awaken the people to word that fact.

It's a fact that your neurology of your brain now incapacitated to willfully control your emotion. And your emotion can be perturbed by disease, by stress, by fatigue, by divorces, but you can re outbalance that. Back again willfully. But you have to exercise it. Don't think, you cannot think you can, and thus you neuro signal within yourself and you will see miracles.

Life is a miracle. Life will happen. Miracles happen. 

Hala Taha: This is so powerful. Honestly, I feel like this is only the beginning. I feel like you're so revolutionary. You're changing the world. I hope you live to be 200 years old so you can keep [01:08:00] telling everyone to do this and keep teaching, and I'm gonna spread the message as much as I can.

I know that we're running outta time here, so we're gonna wrap it up. I have a few more questions. I wanna really understand what you think, how do I explain this? Like your perspective on religion, you've said. God is cold. I know that you believe in reincarnation. I feel like you really tapped into something special and you know a lot more about the purpose of life and the world more than most people because you are just in it more.

So I wanna hear your perspective. 

Wim Hof: Exactly. I saw once a documentary of the South of Italy and there was one guy saying, or it was a woman saying, yeah, you know why miracles happen here? Because we believe. People lost their beliefs and believes now is become physical. And this is what I've been showing your belief, your neuro signaling is able to heal yourself to positively influence the neurology [01:09:00] of your whole body to make you feel the vine.

That's the purpose of our neuro signaling, of our will, to become one with what makes us feel divine and great, and expanding our consciousness. That is simple. It's physical, it's very simple. So where do you invest in that you are not able to feel like divine and great and amazing, or do you feel I just follow what is here and then, hey, yeah, I want flowers on my funeral later.

Something like that. And somebody sing a song, I say, fuck off all I want real love. And feel like a king. I'm proud of who I am. I'm spreading the love, and I will not go until everybody is happy, strong, and healthy, that the soul is there as a cheute, and it is [01:10:00] very simple, very powerfully there. And it's time to become timeless right now, right here.

So in the case of religion, amen. They diverted so much that Mohammed bins and Christians both say A law is it? Oh no, Christ is it. And then they bash each others. Amen. They lost the track of love, which is the vehicle of being divine. So let's leave the religions with all the respect I have for people who believe, but know that you are not bound by a book.

Or churches, synagogues or mosques or whatever. With all the respect I have for them, I say, God is everywhere. So get into that. 

Hala Taha: That's beautiful. Okay, so we ask the same two questions to all of our guests at the end of the show, and then we do something fun. So what is one actionable thing that our listeners can do today to [01:11:00] be more profitable tomorrow?

Wim Hof: Take cold shower and breathe deeper. Both.

Hala Taha: Love it. And what is your secret to profiting in life? 

Wim Hof: Energy. Money is energy. So tap into your body, cleanse your body and energy will be yours. And then you will experience unconditional power that is energy flow without being blocked. And then you don't need compensation from the outside.

You are fulfilled inside. You feel like a million dollars only you can. Never, ever buy it with a million dollars. You are a conditional love, but you can be it. 

Hala Taha: I love that. And Wim, where can our listeners learn more about you and the Wim Hof Method? 

Wim Hof: As the name says, Wim Hof is my name. And then

There you find all the, on YouTube, Instagram, the things you find, the signs you find a breathing [01:12:00] bubble, the exercises. It's mostly, are you ready? Cause it's a great journey. I'm awaiting. 

Hala Taha: I love that Wim. I had such an amazing conversation with you. Is there any last words you wanna say to our Young and Profiteers?

Wim Hof: I love you all guys. I love you. 

Hala Taha: Wow. I loved this conversation with Wim Hof. I just felt so jazzed after this interview. Like I just had a rush of energy because Wim is so intense, he's so passionate and I could just tell this guy really cares. He's really on a mission to help the world. And I'm recording this on Father's Day, so I figured I'd just share that Wim really reminds me of my late father.

So my dad died two years ago and he was a surgeon and a doctor and he wrote several books and he was obsessed with helping prevent diabetes and heart disease. And he did a ton of research about it and he would be so passionate telling everyone about his research and how he's gonna [01:13:00] save America and he was also really intense the way that Wim is and has a thick accent.

I just wanted to share that. Because he reminded me of my dad. It really felt extra special connecting with him for that reason, and I feel like what Wim is teaching could literally change the world so much for the better, and I'm super happy that I was able to be a small part of him spreading his message.

There's so much to learn when it comes to how we can connect with our brain and body when we're tapped in, tuned in and turned on, we are insanely powerful. We are such crazy beings. It's just crazy to think like how advanced of beings that we are. It's gonna be fascinating to see how the science surrounding human biology and health unfold over the next decades with people like Wim Hof popularizing and debunking things within the scientific community we thought were impossible just a few years ago.

It feels like we are just starting to scratch the surface with all of this. And one of the most mind blowing parts of my research for this conversation and talking to Wim Hof was finding out [01:14:00] that we can gain mastery over our nervous immune and cardiovascular systems and do things like reverse chronic illness with breathing and cold exposure.

Wim says that the placebo effect is no longer a suggestive power. It's actually real. Our minds have the power to tap into our body systems and actually change and influence any process in our body without pills or medication. Now that is truly incredible. So now that we know the benefits and the advantages of the Wim Hof Method a lot better.

I have to say, I don't know about you, but I feel very excited to give this stuff a try. I got sick a couple weeks ago and I haven't really been able to shake it off, so I'm gonna start taking cold showers and like whim says, a cold shower keeps the doctor away and I can't wait to see if that really helps boost my immune system.

But before you turn the shower on, as cold as it can go, remember that there are three pillars to the Wim Hof Method, breathing, cold therapy and commitment. We talked a lot about breathing and cold exposure, but I did wanna focus on commitment for the last couple minutes. [01:15:00] Now, a lot of us shutter when it comes to the thought of a cold shower.

It's gonna suck at first, just like anything good for you. Seems to, but eventually. I think your body's gonna crave getting into that cold water. And many people have said that they crave the cold now. And also whim says that internal neurological networks only grow with deep stimulation. So you're not gonna find that deep stimulation in your comfort zone, and you're certainly not gonna find it only by practicing this method once or twice.

So create a habit, be consistent, and commit. And if you're gonna try a cold shower, I wanna hear all about it. You guys can DM me on Twitter or Instagram at YAP with Hala, or you can find me on LinkedIn. Just search from a name. It's Hala Taha. And if you enjoyed this episode and you found value in this content, do leave us a five star review on your favorite podcast platform.

Thanks for tuning into another epic conversation on Young and Profiting Podcast. And big thanks to my amazing YAP team. This is your [01:16:00] host, Hala Taha, signing off.

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