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Are you an entrepreneur or a “wantrepreneur”? Mike Winnet is a self proclaimed demotivational speaker and CEO of WinnetMedia. As an increasing number of inspirational gurus advertise their latest course or business advice book, it can be difficult to determine whether or not these products actually help the average aspiring entrepreneur. Mike Winnet describes how many people are stuck in the trap of always buying the tickets to that latest event or book offered by their favourite guru rather than making realistic goals and  taking the actual steps needed to succeed in building the business of their dreams. As Mike Winnet states during the interview: “[A Wantrepreneur] would love to tell you about the new book they read about the new inspirational guru and they’ll tell you about booking hotels to see Tony Robbins but then they never actually do anything”

Understanding why that latest product being offered by your favourite guru is often ineffective is an important step towards putting in the hard work needed to succeed in the business world, In this episode, Hala Taha and our guest Mike Winnet discuss the difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs while also and sharing useful tips on how to adjust the mind in order to stay motivated and on track.

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It requires action to achieve things, just sitting there and putting a few pictures in your vision board isn’t going to make it happen. That’s why I say the law of attraction is bullshit, the law of action is much more powerful.


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What we are yapping about in this episode:

  • Understanding Mike Winnet’s personal decision to become a demotivational speaker [02:52]
  • Tips for becoming an entrepreneur rather than a wantrepreneur [06:51]
  • The importance of developing clear goals in business [30:23]
  • Developing a sense of self-motivation  [49:45]

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