Month: March 2022

Deepa Purushothaman: Redefining Power In Corporate America | E160

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud Deepa Purushothaman knows what it feels like to be the only minority in a room. She spent 20 years working for Deloitte, where she was the first Indian-American woman and one of the youngest people to make partner in the company’s history.  At the time, there was no one…

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YAPLive: Mental Health Masterclass with Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Robin Smith, Amy Morin and Jonas Koffler | Cut Version

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud Mental health is a topic that has been taboo for decades. The stigma and shame around mental health mean many people don’t get the help and support they need and end up suffering and struggling in silence.  There has been a reported increase in panic disorders, anxiety, stress, and…

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YAPLive: Unlock Your Potential by Becoming Indistractable with Nir Eyal and Ethan Kross | Cut Version

Also listen Podcast Spotify Youtube Soundcloud These days, we are constantly battling distractions. They’re everywhere. There on our phones, our computers, and our slack channels. With our devices constantly demanding our attention, it seems harder to stay focused than ever before. Productivity experts Nir Eyal and Ethan Kross have studied the psychology behind distraction and…

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