JT McCormick: Rise Against All Odds | E30

#30: Rise Against All Odds with JT McCormick

Started from the bottom, now he’s here! JT McCormick had an insanely tough upbringing. He grew up dirt poor, raised by a single mother and was the son of a pimp. He started out becoming a product of his environment, barely finishing high school and landing in juvie multiple times. But after high school JT turned things around. Through relentless hard work JT beat the odds and applied his knowledge and hustling mentality from the streets to become a millionaire and super effective CEO. He currently runs the publishing company, Scribe Media, which is routinely voted as one of the best places to work in Texas. In this episode, Hala digs into JT’s childhood and career journey, uncovering the life lessons he acquired on the way.

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