#66: How To Stop Self-Sabotage with Dane Maxwell

#66: How To Stop Self-Sabotage with Dane Maxwell

Today on the show YAP researcher and podcast host, Peter Sumpton chats with serial entrepreneur, Dane Maxwell. Dane started 5 successful software companies with many of them becoming multi-million dollar businesses. Dane never has to work another day again in his life with all the passive income streams he has created, but he still works tirelessly to help other entrepreneurs become as successful as he has through his content and platforms. In fact, he’s created over 15 millionaires with his teachings thus far. Dane recently put out a book called Start From Zero which outlines how to build the brain of an entrepreneur, and start meaningful business and income stream from scratch. In this episode, we discuss how self-sabotage can manifest itself and how to stop this from happening. Why using your intuition is an important skill to learn, and how your future wealth all starts with solving problems for people and not your expertise

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