#80: How to Go Viral on YouTube with Ned Fulmer

#80: How to Go Viral on YouTube with Ned Fulmer

Today on the show we are chatting with Ned Fulmer. Ned is a member of The Try Guys,  an online video comedy series, which was originally created with 3 other co-workers while working at BuzzFeed. The Try Guys Youtube channel has over 7.3 million subscribers and their videos have garnered billions of views— making them one of the most successful channels in Youtube history.  The quartet hosted Youtube’s 8th annual Streamy Awards in 2018 and they won the Audience Choice “Show Of The Year” award in 2017. The Try Guys recently put out their first book together called ‘The Hidden Power of F*cking Up,’ and they also host a podcast called “Trypod.” In addition, Ned is currently gearing up to launch a new podcast with his wife called “Baby Steps.”  Tune into this episode to learn why the only way to succeed is to commit to failing over and over again and get Ned’s top tips for going viral on youtube. 

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