#85: Spice Up Your Company Culture with Monty Moran [Part 1]

#85: Spice Up Your Company Culture with Monty Moran [Part 1]

#85: Spice Up Your Company Culture with Monty Moran [Part 1]

Want to know how to build and maintain a strong culture?

This week, our guest is Monty Moran, former co-CEO of Chipotle Grill and a previous lawyer and managing partner of a law firm. Monty was integral to the massive popularity explosion of Chipotle across the United States in the late 2000’s. Currently, he is a chairman on many corporate boards, an advisor to many start-ups, and a new author. His new book, Love is Free. Guac is Extra. is released October 20.

In today’s episode, we have a lot to cover – so much so that we’ve made this a two-part episode! We will start off our conversation with Monty today by hearing his early career journey and how he ended up at Chipotle after being a lawyer for 10 years. We will then dig deeper into his best strategies for creating a great culture, nuances in communication, and hear his fascinating stories of interacting with people from all walks of life. 


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00:55 – Monty’s Career Path Thus Far 

03:00 – How He Built Trusting Relationships With Employees

13:05 – Where Monty Got His Confidence

16:51 – The Best Strategy to Succeed

19:19 – Why Monty Went Undercover at Chipotle

28:30 – Monty’s Definition of Leadership

31:03 – Why Culture is So Critical

40:39 – Monty’s Learnings from Raw, Honest Conversations

45:26 – Importance of Curiosity and Vulnerability 

51:40 – Body Language Tips

58:09 – Characteristics of Looking for Talent

1:06:52 – Advice for Promoting a Mission

1:18:00 – Quick Phrase Explanations

1:24:24 – Monty’s Secret to Profiting in Life


Monty’s Website: https://montyfmoran.com/

Monty’s Book, Love is Free. Guac is Extra: https://montyfmoran.com/pre-order-book/

Monty’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/montyfmoran/