Dean Graziosi: It’s Never Been Easier to Turn Your Passion into Entrepreneurial Success | E294

Dean Graziosi: It’s Never Been Easier to Turn Your Passion into Entrepreneurial Success | E294

Dean Graziosi: It’s Never Been Easier to Turn Your Passion into Entrepreneurial Success | E294

Nearly 30 years ago, Dean Graziosi had to build physical products, ship DVDs, and spend over $200k just to sell a $37 course. Today, he could sell the same course for a fraction of the money and time using the power of AI. In this episode, Dean shares insights on the evolving entrepreneurial landscape, leveraging new technologies, and monetizing personal knowledge.


Dean Graziosi is a renowned entrepreneur, real estate investor, and bestselling author known for his expertise in personal development. He has started or played a major role in over 14 successful companies, including the platform.


In this episode, Hala and Dean will discuss:

– Why the American Dream needs a generational reboot

– How to stay resourceful as an entrepreneur

– Why work-life integration trumps work-life balance

– The best and worst businesses to start right now

– His formula for freeing up time to build your dream business

– Transforming life experiences into business opportunities

– How to gain a competitive edge using AI

– Maximizing business potential with niche markets

– The importance of confidence and persistence

– Practical tips for automating and delegating tasks

– The significance of having a big purpose in business

– How to model proven practices for faster success

– And other topics…


Dean Graziosi is a renowned entrepreneur, real estate investor, bestselling author, and motivational speaker. With over 25 years of experience, he’s on a mission to provide self-education for those seeking transformation and fulfillment outside the traditional education path. He co-hosts numerous training events with Tony Robbins, including the highly anticipated virtual live event, The Game Has Changed. He has played a pivotal role in the success of over 14 companies, including the platform. Dean is also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting various charitable causes worldwide.


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[00:01:18] Hala Taha: Young and Profiters, welcome back to the show. We are living in fast changing times. Inflation, the internet, technology, AI, they are all changing the way that we interact with the world.

And joining us today to speak about this is Dean Graziosi. Dean is a real estate mogul, an entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author. In today's episode, we'll be discussing how the game of business has changed and how we can leverage our own passions to capitalize on this new world. Dean, welcome to Young and Profiting Podcast.

Great to be here. 

I'm so excited for this conversation. So Young and Profiters, Dean came on the show episode 68, and that was all the way back in 2020 when I first became an entrepreneur. Now. I own a company called Yap Media. 60 people work at this company worldwide.

And when I first talked to you, I was just this new entrepreneur and you inspired me so much with your rags to riches story. I can't believe how much has changed and the world has just changed so much since 2020. We talked during COVID, the summer of COVID, basically, and the world was in so much flux.

I'm sure you inspired so many people. So Younger Profiters, if you want to listen to that episode, it's episode 68. We talked about his amazing come up story. We talked about the underdog advantage, the mindset of being an entrepreneur and staying resourceful. And we even talked about sales and confidence tips.

So I highly recommend That episode for anybody who's a new entrepreneur who wants to be inspired to become an entrepreneur, that's episode 68. And today we're just going to talk about entrepreneurship and how much the world has changed. So you actually have an upcoming event with Tony Robbins, June 13th to 15th called The Game Has Changed.

And in the event, you're going to be covering adapting to the new realities of being an entrepreneur and redefining the American dream. I've actually heard you say that the American dream needs a generational reboot. So I'd love to hear about that. Why do you feel the American dream has changed and why do we need to rethink the way we think about the American dream?

[00:03:18] Dean Graziosi: Great question. First off, I really want to give you kudos. I remember our interview in 2020 and I could see you were a little bit like a deer in headlights. It was new. It was fresh. Your eyes were wide open. Your energy was huge. And I see why you've become so popular and why you inspire so many because your story is amazing.

And your journey is amazing and it just shows what's possible. When you're scared, you're unsure, but when you know, when you know there's another level of life waiting for you, you have to do the uncomfortable. You have to do what other people aren't willing to do. You have to, Miss a few events. You have to say no to your friends a few times when they want to have cocktails and you're doing something and they think you're crazy.

And they think, shouldn't you be back in a secure job and all the crazy stuff that goes on in the invisible when no one's watching. The reason I love talking about entrepreneurship, because we have something in common, we have thoughts in our mind that most people don't. When no one's around, we're thinking, are we going to make this?

How are we going to make this? How do I get more creative? How do I get innovative? Where can I learn? What podcast should I listen to? What book should I listen to? What mentor should I have? What course should I buy? We're doing all this stuff in the invisible. So in the light on front stage, it looks like we have something unique.

We are special. We got lucky when that's not the case. We're doing the work when no one's watching. And if you're here on this podcast, you are doing that work. You are doing the investigating. That's why I love being with a group like this. And I look forward to having fun. I'm in a mood today, so let's have some fun.

I want to share as much as possible. 

[00:04:41] Hala Taha: I love it. I feel your energy. I love it. 

[00:04:44] Dean Graziosi: And listen, it doesn't mean this is going to be politically correct with everyone. I would come from a different generation from the lot of people that are watching them 55, even though I have some young children and I love feeling young, staying young, but still I've been around a little longer than most.

And when I was young, there wasn't the internet. You couldn't find somebody like you who was sharing information, interviewing, amazing people. It wasn't so easy to download podcasts or books on audio, right? If you wanted more, you had to find a mentor or read some books. But to me, what the American dream meant to me as a kid is, Two things.

One, my grandfather came from Italy and he didn't have the money to get from Italy to America in the late 1800s. So his family gave him a donkey that he walked down to the docks, found a boat going to America, sold the donkey and still didn't have enough. So he made a deal to shovel coal in the steam engine as a ticket to America.

Never saw his family again, got on this boat, came to America, got dropped off on Ellis Island in New York City without a dollar in his pocket, didn't know a human being, and no, didn't know the language. That was my grandfather, Hala. And right now, I live an abundant life where I get to impact people for a living.

I get to partner with the people that I respect the most. I get to retire my mom, retire my dad, and make sure my family's okay. I get to, you know, Be in control of my calendar, my time, because of what I believe is the American dream, which is entrepreneurship and having the opportunity to have no limits.

That is the simple definition, but a lot's changed, especially since COVID and people think is capitalism greed is wanting to be an entrepreneur and do your own thing. Is it still popular? Is it still a good thing? The fact of the matter is our country, America, at least, and most of the world is fueled by small businesses.

We see the big apple and we see the big. Amazon, but this country is fueled by the startup entrepreneur that does their own thing, that does the work in the invisible. And I believe that whatever your beliefs are, I believe we are pushed so far away in the last couple of years that maybe doing your own thing isn't good.

Maybe it is greedy to want to be successful. I think people were criticized for working hard. I think we push so far to one extreme that I see a rebound that is massive right now, each month. More people are registering new businesses than ever before in the history of America right now. People are saying enough BS I want to do my own thing.

I don't want restrictions. I don't want a glass ceiling I don't want someone with their thumb on my head. I don't want someone to adjust my calendar I'm gonna gain the skills gave him the capabilities and get your version of the American dream I think the American dream is just hope with a path We hope we can have more find somebody who's already done it And go all in to reach our full potential.

That's my belief. And I love I'm blessed to do for a living along with my partner, Tony Robbins is just how people sometimes take off the facade, take off the locks, the blocks, the limiting beliefs, the imposter syndrome, and just see you for who you are. When you look in the mirror and go, I'm more than this.

I know I'm meant for more. I know I can do more. I'm enough. I know enough. I can do this. I just need a path. And I love helping people find that path. Just like you do, or you wouldn't be doing this podcast. 

[00:07:58] Hala Taha: 100%. And I love what you're saying because it's so true. Life is easier now. It's easier for entrepreneurs.

It's never been easier to become an entrepreneur. We've got all these new technologies and advantages and opportunities. And like he said, my dad came to America and he told me a story. All he came was he had a chicken that his grandma gave him or something when he came to America. And then he became a doctor and a surgeon and all these things.

And he started from nothing. So similarly, I feel like I had no excuses. I grew up with, Oh, I have no excuse. My dad came here. All he had was a chicken. So it's like, it's a very similar thing. So let's talk about these new opportunities and advantages. That entrepreneurs have. Why is the barrier to entry to becoming an entrepreneur so much lower than it was before?

[00:08:45] Dean Graziosi: Let's just talk about technology. If you're born with something, your dad, right? Where did your dad leave? 

[00:08:53] Hala Taha: Palestine. I'm Palestine, a hundred percent Palestinian. Yeah. 

[00:08:57] Dean Graziosi: Amazing. Amazing. I was trying to figure that from your name. I was guessing that amazing story. Right. But think about your father had his share of obstacles.

That you can't relate to. You weren't born with those. My children aren't born with the obstacles my grandfather had, or some of the obstacles I had, right? They're born in a different era. So when you're born, and things are at your fingertips, your brain automatically goes to what's missing. What's lost.

How hard is it? Right. Politics are so insane right now, all across the world, especially here in America. It's ridiculous, right? So our brain goes, Oh, with this political, Oh, with this, Oh, there's too many people online. Oh, AI could crush us. AI is going to put us out of business. And our brain only defaults to what we know.

Could you imagine your dad? If someone said, Hey, you have the opportunity to go online, to start a business with your phone, you could find ideal clients. Your father be like. This is the greatest thing in the world. He had a chicken and had to put himself through school. It would have seemed amazing. He would have been grateful every day.

But if you took two generations later, maybe your children who are just brought up with all of it, their brain is going to find what's missing. So I know that's philosophical. I'll get more tactical in a minute, but first we have to adjust our thought process. Instead of saying, Oh, it's really hard. No, it's not.

If you want to go ask your grandparents, if you have grandparents alive, ask your grandparents how they had to get by in life. I guarantee you're going to go, wow, I'm pretty damn lucky. I'm going to give you an example in my industry. I just want to be specific for a minute. I bought Tony Robbins. Who's now my dearest friend and partner, but I bought his course 27 years ago before a lot of people listening were alive.

I actually 28 years ago. So I bought his course at that time. I worked on cars, I had a tow truck, I had apartments. But I buy Tony's course, and it shifted my life. It made me realize that I gave Tony money for information. It shifted my life. I wanted to be in that business. So 27 years ago, I shifted everything.

That's why I'm in this industry, but I want to share something when I first started in this industry. So using this is a comparison. Say you want to do what I do, what Tony does, what so many people are doing, and you want to impact others with your life experience, a talent. You have a skill. You have a passion that you have.

When I started 27 years ago, yeah, I had to produce an infomercial because there was no internet. People like, why did you do infomercials? Like some old, like there was no internet. So I had to produce the infomercial, which was 150, 000 and I used credit cards to get half that done. I had to get product built.

This was when there was DVDs and cassette tapes and booklets. I had to get product printed and I had to put it in the warehouse and tapes and DVDs. I had to hire a company to ship it. Then I had to pay 50, 000 in TV media. Just to get a test. So I was in over 200, 000 and I was selling a 37 course. My family's like, you're an idiot.

How many of those 37 courses do you have to sell just to get your money back? All of that had to happen. Fast forward today, you could literally use AI to help you unlock your life experience, to turn it into a coaching program or a course. Or a workshop or a monthly membership. You literally could do that in hours.

You could get the framework. I would love to know your entrepreneurial journey. When I met you, you wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now you've got 60 or 80 employees and a thriving business. I would pay anything. I want to know your story. If you were 27 years ago, you'd have to do all things. I did right now.

You literally could go to AI for a day, lay it out, film on your phone and plug into a system where by the end of the week for the cost of five cups of coffee, You could be online targeting your ideal client and making sales. So if you look at why it's been easier, things are getting exponentially easier every single day.

People say to me, is AI going to take my job? I'm like, no, people who use AI the right way will take your job or take your career. That's all it is. It's not stealing your job and everything new, maybe not for a younger generation, but everything new for a little bit older generation thinks it's the end of the world.

Everything can be used for good. Everything can be used for bad. It's The internet, there's porn and people selling drugs and there's life transformative information to save the world. It's what happens. It's you get to choose how you utilize this technology to empower you, empower others, impact and grow faster.

So I think you are alive during the golden age. I know it might be hard to see. I know the world is in a crazy place. I know people are uncertain, but hear me. And I'm guessing with your age, your following is in that same demographic. And I'm sure you've got variables on each side, outliers, but I want to share this with you and I'm not trying to say, Oh, no, when I went to school, it was, I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow.

I just want you to know if you can put yourself in a place of this is what I have rather than this is what I lost. Where can I look for opportunities rather than looking for obstacles? Where can I see where the world is going rather than looking in the mirror of where it was? I promise you, there is more opportunity for you right now to thrive.

And you're also a part of a generation where we have instant gratification. So the other little bit of advice, not talking to you like a dad, but other little bit of advice, do not overestimate what you can do in a year. The other way, I should say, is we all overestimate what we can do in a year and we underestimate what you can do in five.

In the next five years with Focus, look at this amazing woman that you follow. I was on her in 2020. It's not even five years yet. Because of determination, because of stigma, look how this woman's life has transformed. But if she would have judged, let me ask you, if you don't mind me putting that. If you would have judged this whole experience six months in, 

[00:14:34] Hala Taha: You're so right.

If I would have looked back six months after starting, I would have seemed like I made no progress, but I started as a podcaster, right? Three years later, I had an award winning social media agency. Five years later, I have the number one business and self improvement podcast network and they call me the podcast princess, right?

So literally five years later, I'm dominating my entire industry as the number one female podcaster and I represent all the top business podcasts and I make. 30 percent of all their sponsorships basically, right? So to your point, so much can change in five years if you just focus and you're consistent.

[00:15:10] Dean Graziosi: I love it. And I love you're such proof of that. And I want people to look behind because let me just ask you, was there a time in the first year where you said, I don't know if I should be doing this? 

[00:15:20] Hala Taha: 100 percent the first two years. I was growing on LinkedIn and platforms, but pretty much stagnant growth.

I was getting big guests, but I was, I couldn't really see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was really becoming an entrepreneur and realizing that, Hey, I can monetize my podcast in other ways. And then reinvest into my dream and I'll ultimately get what I want, but maybe not in a straight path. 

[00:15:41] Dean Graziosi: Thank you for that honesty.

And I don't mean to be interviewing you, but I want to ask you a couple 

[00:15:44] Hala Taha: of questions. No, it's great. 

[00:15:45] Dean Graziosi: At any of that time, did anyone in your family say, Hala, are you real? Are you sure you're doing the right thing? 

[00:15:50] Hala Taha: Yes. I mean, I had to actually break up with my ex boyfriend because he didn't want me to become an entrepreneur.

He was happy with me being a podcaster, but as soon as I started a business and it was basically my husband, right? So I had to break up with my long term partner. 

[00:16:06] Dean Graziosi: You questioned yourself, question your finances, people who loved you questioned you, and was there ever a moment where you just said, I got a bail, and you started researching, where should I go?

Should I go back to a secure job? Should I do podcasting on the side and get a 9 to 5? Only reason I'm sharing this, you're shaking your head yes, the reason I'm sharing this is because I want all of you to know, to do your own thing, everybody sees the end result. Ogmundino. He wrote a book called the world's greatest salesman.

He said, you got to remember that the prize is at the end of the journey, not the beginning. And you don't know how many corners you have to go around until your prize is there. Meaning in my opinion, that is, or my observation is that's like, you don't have any corners of obstacles, overcoming your parents, overcoming someone leaving you because you wanted to live into your full potential.

Overcome the self doubt, overcome the imposter syndrome, another corner, another corner. And sometimes you go around six corners, you're like, this one was so hard. And you get around the corner and there's still another corner. You're like, Oh my God, when is this going to happen? But that's only when you're in it.

When you're in it, it seems like forever. Now I'm sitting here having a conversation with you. I bet you look back, go, Oh my God, I got to this in four and a half years. It is lightning speed. And here's the part you got to realize. And if any of you have children, I love to think about, or say the truth.

Okay. You probably missed going out with girlfriends at certain times, maybe missed on some dating opportunities, missed out on some family functions. You have a friend. I will bet my life. You have a friend that goes, Oh, you're too busy with your company. You don't even call me anymore. I guarantee you have one.

100%. Okay. Those same people are going to look at you in three or four years and go, Oh my God, I used to know her. I wonder if I could get some information on how I could do what she did. What I'm saying is everybody wants the outcome of where this amazing woman is right now, where she's going to be over the next 10 years, but most people aren't willing to do the work.

So I'm just going to tell you to say, do the work. Don't expect it to happen in three months or six months or a year. Here's something really important. Somebody just asked me last week about. What's the fastest way to success? It's like, Oh my God, you know, now there's a million things that you never thought you had to think about that you do.

But if I had to boil it down to a few, number one, model proven practices, find somebody who has already done what you're doing and model what they're doing, have them be a mentor, get in their coaching program, just obsessively observe everything they're doing. There is no reason in today's world to start at zero.

When somebody is already doing what you want to do, start off where they left off and then make it yours. Number one. Number two, you need a big enough purpose. If your purpose is I want to get rich and buy the watch and go on vacations, I promise you, there'll be a point where you go, eh, it's not worth it.

But when you have the opportunity to go deeper and say, Hey, my father came with a chicken and transformed his life. I want my family to see maybe in your life. I'm not putting words in your mouth. I want a partner that sees my worth as a human, as an entrepreneur and fuels my entrepreneurship. I am not going to stop that because I'm going to attract a man or a partner.

Loves me for exactly who I am. We need something so big that when you get turned down, when you're six months in, when imposter syndrome kicks in, when a boyfriend breaks up with you or a parent tells you you're crazy, something so big that you go, I hear you, but I'm not stopping. And then the third thing is you just got to keep persisting.

You got to keep going around corners. Some of us have to go around three corners. Some of us have to go around 30, but if you persist, you will succeed. There's no way around it. 

 I love it. I'm sure you got everybody tuning in, fired up about being an entrepreneur if they're not one yet. So before we get into more information about entrepreneurship, I did want to talk about your event coming up.

[00:19:53] Hala Taha: So it's June 13th, June 15th. Who should be going to that event? It's called The Game Has Changed. It's co hosted with Tony Robbins. Who should be going? What are they going to learn? How can they sign up? 

[00:20:03] Dean Graziosi: Yes. Thank you. I'm so stoked. We're only a short time away from this. We do one a year, but this is unlike anything we've ever done before.

We're going to have over a million people signed up, which I can't wait because the game has completely changed. Who should sign up is if you're the investigator, I like calling someone who's unfulfilled in their current career or tried something, it's not working. And you know, you're meant for more. You just don't know what to do and where to start.

Come investigate. It's free. It's three days, about three hours a day. I promise you it'll be the greatest event you've been a part of. Because you'll see opportunities. If nothing else, it will inspire you that, you know, you need to do more. The second I'm going to call the part timer, you're kind of an entrepreneur.

You're kind of not, I don't want to call you a dabbler. But every time you're in, every time it gets a little rough, you bail back out to something you don't like. And then you realize you don't like it. And you're like, you dabble with something else. There's no dabbling. The only way is to go all in burn the boats.

So if you're the dabbler part timer, you need to come. And if you're in business and it's time to scale, come learn why you should have an information product attached to your business. It'll be. When you start doing business and you do already, you realize you got a profit loss statement, your PNL, it'll be the most profitable thing on your PNL statement.

So who should come the investigator, the part timer, a person in business. And we're going to show you over the next, over three days is how your greatest asset is your life experience, a skill, a passion that you have and how to extract it, how to turn it into a product, how to find your ideal client, how to turn it into a real business, how to deliver it with passion and confidence.

You know, this is what Tony and I have done collectively for 74 years, Hella, and we're at a place in our lives where we just want to shake everybody and go, please look at this. This industry is at a billion a day. It's headed towards a trillion a year, and it needs excited entrepreneurs who understand the process of putting out wisdom.

The last thing I'll say. Is we are drowning in information, but we are starving for wisdom. And when you know the difference of putting something out there that actually gets people benefits, it actually lets them reach their desires. You stand out and with 74 years experience, we know how to show people to do that with confidence.

[00:22:10] Hala Taha: Yeah, you totally do. You guys have sold some of the biggest online events. Out there. And that's basically what you're teaching, how to put out digital products. 

[00:22:17] Dean Graziosi: Exactly. How to create information, digital products. And every single one of you, you might be thinking, I have nothing to offer. Not true. Every one of you has something someone else needs and wants right now.

And I think it's the great equalizer. I think it's a way to start. I think it's a way to on ramp into something new while you're off ramping in something you don't like. You don't have to jump in all at once. And I'm sure it's in the show notes, but we have a link where everyone can register for free.

It's Dean and Tony live. com forward slash holla H A L A of course. So Dean and Tony live. com forward slash holla and you can register for free. We're really stoked. 

[00:22:55] Hala Taha: Awesome. So like he said, it's going to be in the show notes. So Dean, let's stick on this topic for a little bit in terms of how people don't have to choose between their career and their passions anymore.

There used to be a day where to make money, you just had to do hard work. Didn't necessarily mean you like to do the work, but it was what was available. And that's really not the case anymore. So how have things changed from the past in terms of this? 

[00:23:20] Dean Graziosi: Such a great question. I could sit and chat with you for hours because the main reason we call that the game has changed just because of that people used to think to get successful, I have to find a way that makes money, even if I like it or I don't sacrifice myself completely and just hopefully make the money that has changed exponentially because of technology because of AI because of the ability to learn fast paced to be able to get product and testing out like that at minimal cost.

All of those things have changed. That's why we named it. The game has changed, but I think the most important thing, and I can see in the interviews, cause I watched a few of your interviews before, so I can get to know you even a little better since it's been, you know, four and a half years. I think we've been taught and told the biggest lie when you hear people say, we must have work life balance.

I think that's the biggest crap in the world. Do you know anybody that has work life balance? I think that's shared with people. Because people didn't like their jobs. Over 50 percent of people are in a job that they hate, not dislike. They hate it. Right? So they're in a job that they hate and it's like, I must balance.

I can picture somebody like at the front door before they walk in. Like, I got a balance. I'm going to walk through the door with a smile. I need this balance. I need this balance. It never works, right? If you're having a bad day at work, you carry that home. Things aren't going, if your boss has got his thumb on your head or her thumb on your head, you carried home.

So what you've discovered and you probably know this, I'm just going to put a term to it. Is life work integration when you have the opportunity to do something that empowers you We're working right now. Both of us. It's a blast. I'm having the time of my life. Oh, he's working This is our work, right? And if you inspire me today, or i'm watching some of your other podcasts and I get inspired And I'm in a better space and I see a breakthrough and I see I could live into my full potential when I go home to my wife, I'm a better man.

When I play with my kids, I'm a better father and the wish I would wish I could grant the reason we're doing this live event is to show you that you literally could have a life, not a pie in the sky, not get rich for doing anything, but you could have a life where you don't care and you don't know where work ends and life begins because you're growing as a human in both of them and that's why we call it the game has changed.

COVID proved that when COVID came, we were all home. That's when we did our last interview. A lot of people didn't go back. Cause they're like, I'm not going back to a group that makes me feel bad about myself every day that stops my innovation. But most people didn't know where to turn. And that's why Tony and I'll scream from mountaintops to give people a path and a plan to do that.

[00:25:47] Hala Taha: Yeah. So what about normal people? Right. People who are not me or you, they don't have a platform. Why do you think that they have something to teach other people? How do they know when they do have something to teach other people? 

[00:25:59] Dean Graziosi: Really great question. I know. A lot of you are young on here. Listen, but let me just ask you, and I've asked a lot of people this.

When people say to me, I'm not sure my life experience is valuable. I say, if you had the opportunity to go back and spend one week with your 18 year old self, and for that one week, that your 18 and listen to you for a week. And I've asked with a million dollars. I've asked with a hundred thousand. I said, if you had a chance, To go back and spend a week with your 18 year old self.

And you can bring back any information. Here's the business you learn. Don't get in that relationship. Don't look at the lens of relationship. Don't replicate what your parents did. Think of all the things you would tell your 18 year old self. Think bigger. Don't let other people get in your mind. Maybe don't go to college, go right into entrepreneurship and find specialized knowledge, go mentor for somebody.

Take a deep breath. You don't need to be married by 25, like all the things that you would do. I say, would you choose if I could wave a magic wand and put a million bucks in your bank account or send you back for a week with your 18 year old self? 99. 9 percent of the time, everybody always goes, Oh my God, I would go back and talk to my 18 year old self.

My life would be better. I'd be happier. I'd be more fulfilled. I would change my exercise. I would change the way I looked at relationship, the way I looked at entrepreneurship. That's worth hundreds of millions. We've got to realize the life experience you've accumulated is that valuable to someone else who's just starting off.

If you went through a bad breakup and found yourself after somebody starting the breakup, you might want to create a program or a community based around that. If you got good at sales, if you got good at podcasts, if you got good at anything, you are one step ahead of somebody who's starting on zero, you get to collapse time.

And that's what all of us want. We want time. We want to fastest. Smart entrepreneurs cut checks for speed. That's just it. And you have the opportunity to collapse time for other people. By day one, everybody's going to know, Oh, I do have something. And this is what it is. 

[00:27:51] Hala Taha: Yeah. I love what you're saying because it's so true.

For instance, AI, AI just came out a year ago for the public. If you've mastered AI in the last year, you're already so much far ahead of everybody who hasn't even thought about it yet, and you can turn that into a product, you know, just even having a year of experience. 

[00:28:09] Dean Graziosi: You are so 100 percent right.

Especially everybody over 40 is struggling with AI. Everybody under 40 is part of their life. My kids, my 17 and 15 year old son use it every day of their life, right? Where my dad, I got to explain to him every five minutes on how it's not Google. It's different and show them how to ask questions. So great example, great example.

[00:28:29] Hala Taha: Yeah. Okay. So we talked about some of the opportunities. The fact that technology is moving so fast, it's easier than ever to become an entrepreneur, to sell something online, but let's talk about some of the challenges. And I know one of the big challenges is inflation. And when I think about inflation, I think about groceries, right?

I don't really think about entrepreneurship. So how does inflation impact entrepreneurship? 

[00:28:51] Dean Graziosi: I'm just going to quote Warren Buffett, not quote, but share some of the things he said. He said, during high inflation. If you have a business that relies on buying product and having it shipped, you can get slaughtered because gas prices can go up.

The cost of storing it goes up and the cost of the product goes up. So if you have small margins, if you're buying something for 20 bucks and you're selling it for 30 bucks and all of a sudden gas prices, margin shipping goes up, your profit is destroyed. They say, if, if you're a carpenter and you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

So of course, I'm going to look through the lens of my business, my industry. Why I love what you're doing right now is right now you are providing value to the world. You have sponsorship, your company's there to make money. And it should, you should make a lot of money for the lives you're changing. I hope you make more than anything on the planet because you're impacting lives for a living.

But right now you're not paying for a product. You're delivering this through social media platforms that don't cost you anything. Your cost of goods. Is zero. Of course you have to have a studio. You have to have someone help you. I get all that, but you're not putting product in a business and you don't know if inflation is going to destroy you.

You own a grocery store right now. You are screwed. People are mad. The prices go up and your margins are going down. You can do nothing about it. You're choked. Why I love the information industry is because your product costs nothing. You don't have to store it. You don't have to warehouse it. Inflation doesn't impact it.

And it's one of the most valuable assets you can deliver to people. To me, it is inflation proof and simultaneously you can grow. You hired, did you say you're at 60 people? 60 employees. Yes. Amazing. Amazing. Right. If we get to sell information and grow, then we hire other people. We can pay them better and we help reduce the stress of inflation.

[00:30:34] Hala Taha: That's awesome. In terms of inflation. So traditional business models. Are not doing as well as new business models that are online because of this inflation, because you have to have products store it. We basically have free distribution now. What other challenges do you think entrepreneurs are facing right now?

I think the biggest challenge, and this is just my age is determining this. I think our biggest challenge is the stories. That are going on inside of our heads in all my years and partnering and fortunate to meet some amazing entrepreneurs and multiple billionaires.

[00:31:09] Dean Graziosi: And I don't, I'd say like, look at me, but you see, you can't help. And you do this because you're interviewing so many great people. You are seeing trends. That's why you're doing so well in your business. It's a great business model. By the way, you're interviewing incredible entrepreneurs and then you take what you learn and input it in your own business.

Brilliant, right? Brilliant. But if you see the entrepreneurs who thrive, especially when things are changing, it's because they're working on their personal development. They work on their personal growth. They work on their thoughts. They work on their emotions because during uncertain times, I would say we are in those, our brains can start focusing on what could go wrong.

Our brains start focusing on how to protect, how to play goalie. And a lot of times when things shift. You can't play goalie. You can't protect because if you're not climbing, you're sliding. That's a fact. So a couple of things, and I would write these down. Number one, you must protect your confidence in a shifting time, in a crazy time, in a time you want to grow.

You have to protect your confidence. You've never made a good decision when your confidence is down. You didn't get the date. You didn't get the relationship. You didn't get the job. You didn't get the sale. You got nothing. When your confidence is down, you know that. So you have to focus on anything. You can borrow confidence from the past.

Borrow confidence from a great podcast. Borrow confidence from an incredible book. Borrow confidence from a mantra. I can do this. I can do anything. God gave me a gift and I'm gonna bring it to life. Whatever it is you need to do, you gotta work on your mindset because, again, not quoting simple quotes, but Henry Ford said, if you think you can, you will.

And if you think you can't, you won't. So it doesn't matter if you have the greatest business. If you get in your head, you're dead. If you get in your head thinking, this is going to go wrong, inflation's going to kill me, what's going to go on with this election, you're focused so much on the outside. Your business suffers.

So for me, I would say, go upstream and work on you become unstoppable. Have a mind that you can question the negative thoughts you can observe and say, I get that part, but I'm going after the opportunity, not the obstacle. I'm going to focus on what I have, not what I've lost. I think you need to be a warrior inside your mind right now, more than any other thing, because once you have that, I would absolutely go with someone with an unstoppable mindset and a C opportunity.

than someone who's scared with an A opportunity. 

[00:33:26] Hala Taha: Yeah. The number one job of an entrepreneur is to sell, right? And if you have no confidence, and you get on a sales call, you're not selling anybody to join your team. You're not selling anybody to buy your products. And you need to be able to sell and have confidence.

So let's talk about worst businesses and best businesses to start right now. What's your opinion? 

[00:33:46] Dean Graziosi: The way things are right now, I would not start anything that takes a huge capital call. If you have to finance your house, if you have to get credit cards, if you have to borrow money or use your savings or tap into your 401k to put a lot of money out, I would honestly pause on that.

I would pause on crazy spending right now. I know you didn't ask me that I would. Pause on buying the brand new car today. I would pause on buying the really fancy watch. I would pause on buying the bigger house right now. I would pause on that just to see where things are going, but don't pause on your innovation.

Don't pause on your creativity. Don't pause on your energy. I would pause on putting money into any company that takes a huge upfront and if it's got huge product costs. So that's a must. And on the opposite side, I feel like I just keep coming back to my thing, but there's other businesses like that.

What businesses can you start with your own time and effort? What businesses can you start without a huge outlay of cash to get the first momentum to get the first sales, to get things going. What things can you do to allocate resources, minimal resources to spend a little and get a lot back and get proof of concept.

Here's, I'm just saying, if you're in a place where I'm going to quit my job and go all in, I would say, find something where you can do a little bit at a time so you can see it's working. And then when the new thing is replacing the income of the old thing, then you can decide to transition. That's the time in life we're at.

Now, if you're saying, I don't have time for that. I'm going to jump ahead here. I got, I can just picture people saying I'd love that, but my job keeps me so busy. Here's what I want to say. Obsess over the next couple of days and create a not to do list. We all have a to do list, create a not to do list, and here's what I would suggest.

Realize your job, or the thing you're doing right now, is just a stepping stone in your life. It's not forever. If you do that, you'll appreciate it more. Because right now, if you're like, oh, I hate my job, I want to do this thing, it doesn't usually work that way, because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

So you got to go, don't love this job, but I love it for now, because it's going to be my launching pad. That's number one. Number two, I would make a list of all the activities that you do. Hear me on this one. Four different buckets. Bucket number one on the activities you do are non negotiables. For me, that would be date night, my wife, spending time with my kids, bring them to school.

There's non negotiables. I'm not stopping doing it. I'm not missing tennis matches. I'm not missing softball practices. I'm not non negotiable. So once you have your list of non negotiables, Number two is what can I automate? What things do I work on that I could do auto pay? I could have dry cleaning picked up or groceries delivered.

What can you automate that buys you back time? So I'll buy back a little number three. What can you delegate? Are there things I could get a 5 an hour assistant online or Fiverr or what are some things I could do with a virtual assistant or with people in my family or my cousin or my brother said, what can I do to delegate some of these things to buy back some more time?

The fourth is the most important. What must you eliminate? What do you have to stop doing? If going out with your girlfriends, I have a couple of drinks and all of a sudden you realize you wasted three hours of your time and you really didn't accomplish much. Maybe you got to spend the next three months without that.

The last time you got on your phone and said, I'm going to surf for a minute and you're on for an hour. Maybe you got to stop that. Last time you binged on Netflix, maybe you got to stop that. And you see why the purpose is so important because you need something bigger to go screw Netflix right now. The hell with this.

I'm not going to do this. So you need to know what you can eliminate. And the easiest way to say to eliminate is, does this serve the woman or the man I want to become, or does it not serve the man or the woman I want to become? If it doesn't, you got to cut it. There's no gray. You got to get rid of the gray.

Gray is for people who are stuck and they drift their whole life. So the heck with the gray. If you really could say, these are non negotiable. I'm going to automate these few things. I'm going to delegate some of this. I'm going to quit doing this. Guess what? Three or four or five hours a week open up.

You spend those three, four or five hours a week on your new project and obsess on it. Sacrifice today, miss a few things today. Say no today to other people because then in a year or five years now you could say yes to fricking everything and then start working on the new thing when the new thing replaces the old thing.

There you go. 

[00:37:52] Hala Taha: Really, really smart advice. And I have to say that I did that as well. I remember for four years, I didn't watch any TV. I didn't even post on Instagram. I focused on LinkedIn for my job and my podcast. I didn't really go out much on the weekends. I just sacrificed. But then four years later, I'm able to manage my schedule.

I do whatever I want. It can be temporary sacrifice. It doesn't have to be forever. 

[00:38:15] Dean Graziosi: And if you're in a career you hate, that's a lifelong sacrifice. I'd rather sacrifice hard for four years to live 60 in a really abundant way. 

[00:38:24] Hala Taha: 

[00:38:32] Hala Taha: so let's talk about how we can actually turn our passions into a real business.

What kind of things should we be thinking through? What kind of a roadmap should we have? 

[00:38:42] Dean Graziosi: First off, I would think of what are some of the things people come to you for? If you put it in buckets, number one is a lot of us have a career skill. And Even if we're in a career we don't like, you've learned something that at one point you didn't know, and now you do.

Whether that's sales, or accounting, or it's human resources, or it's helping people with their mental philosophy, it's being a leader in your company. Even though you might not like it in your company, when you have the opportunity to turn that into a product and you inspire others, it becomes so rewarding and fulfilling.

So I would think, what is your core competency or unique ability you have in a skill? Or in your business, that's number one. Number two, we have so many clients that have taken a life experience. We have people who have gone through divorce and they found a way to do a child centered divorce, and now they have hundreds of thousands of members helping with divorce.

We got amazing woman helping women through menopause naturally, or trimester four, they call it after your baby's born or just, I went. People turned vegan and got rid of all their ailments and now they're teaching people to go vegan. That is life experience and sometimes, hear me on this one, sometimes your mess is your best message.

I went through a horrible breakup and now I'm a stronger person today than I ever was. I'm gonna help people who are just starting out with their breakup. And so many times people say to me, well I'm not all the way through yet. I got this from Jenna Kutcher. 

[00:40:05] Hala Taha: She's in my network. Jenna 

[00:40:07] Dean Graziosi: became a dear friend.

And Jenna said, well, people got to realize sometimes your best time to share is when you're in the messy middle. Cause you're in the thick of it, but you're still one chapter ahead of someone else. So if you're a chapter ahead, even though you're in the messy middle, you can help bring people along with you on the ride.

And then the last one is something you're extremely passionate about. I just used my partner, Tony Robbins as an example. He found out years ago how so many people were getting ripped off in their 401ks and their IRAs. And he got pissed and it became a passion and he studied it. He's not the finance guy.

He's Tony's the best strategist and business coach, but not the finance guy, but he studied obsessively. Then he interviewed the best guys in the world and he wrote the book, money master of the game. It's still the number one investing book of our generation. And he's not the guy. He became the reporter of other people because he was passionate about it.

So you either have a career skill, a life experience or something you're passionate about that someone else is starting off on day one. And that's the way I would start looking at it. And then of course how to package it, how to deliver, how to find people want it. That's what we do so well. But that's how I would start.

[00:41:13] Hala Taha: So one question, just to kind of piggyback on it, you just sort of mentioned it. Is how do you know if you have a product that people actually want? Because as you're talking about these personal experiences, skills that you have, It's really interesting because I never would have thought of menopause as something that you can teach.

But it's so smart because so many women are going through this, there's probably very little information out there. And even if you're not a gynecologist or something, you might have an experience to share to teach other people that people would actually want and pay for. And there's a large market. How do you know that you have a big enough market for what you're trying to sell?

[00:41:47] Dean Graziosi: We actually teach the smaller the niche, the better. This thing in our pocket has us connected to the whole world. We only need one 10th of one 10th of 1 percent of people that have our Emma as long as we can find them. For example, we had an accountant. You think, what would an accountant teach? When he was 50, he decided to create his own accounting firm.

He worked for somebody else. He started his own business, started doing great. And he realized, wow, I was stuck as an accountant. I hated it for 30 years. So he created, he doesn't just teach people how to be a better accountant. He teaches young accountants how to transfer into their own business quicker so they can live a fulfilled life.

So he doesn't say, I'll teach you how to do your taxes better. I'll teach you how to use a certain spreadsheet. He's like, no, no, no. I don't want you to waste 30 years. Like I did. Let me teach you young hustler accountants, how to get your own firm quicker. Sometimes you think, well, I'm good at sales. Well, what kind of sales?

And do you want to help women in sales? Do you want to help women over 50 in sales? Do you want to help young people learn how to get their first sale? When I first started in real estate, I didn't own strip malls. I didn't own multifamily. I was really good at just getting into my first single family home.

And then my second, then my third, I taught real estate. I had the number one real estate education. Training in the world, nothing even close. And all I said, all my training was, if you're thinking about getting into real estate, let me show you how to get into your first one. Now I had to do a million flips, not how to make a million bucks a month, not how to do multifamily.

And because our world is so connected. That company, you know, was one of the biggest in the world in that space because I found a niche. So we actually teach people to go smaller. I mean, we've had people doing art classes on how to paint with wolves. I always remember that one. I was like, wait, what was that?

She has baby wolves and she teaches you to paint outside because you have the Paint that's relaxing, but you have a wolf laying next to you. That's the energy of a wolf. And she felt the combo was great. That's not my jam. I would never do that, but she sells out her events every month. It's just because right now we're in contact with so many people.

We can find our tiny niche and that tiny niche could still be a million people. 

[00:43:58] Hala Taha: Yeah. And I know that the more niche you are, the more that you can charge because you're solving a very, very specific problem, 

[00:44:04] Dean Graziosi: right? And the confidence goes up. I've always said. The woman who teaches menopause. I just remember it was like, wow, that's just, I would never think of something like that.

And I remember being on with her in one of my zoom calls and I said, your confidence goes up when you're in a room of people that need exactly what you need to share. So if I said, Hey, in the next room, we have a mastermind room. If it's a hundred people next to him, like if there was a hundred people in there.

And I said, Hey, there's some men, there's some women in different ages. Could you go teach about menopause? He'd be like, No, that's embarrassing. I'm not going out there. And then if I said, Okay, no men. It's just all women. Could you go teach? Like, not, no, because there's young girls. They don't even know what that means.

They don't know what it feels like. I said, Okay, now there's a hundred women in there between 42 and 50. They're going through menopause. They feel like they're going crazy. They feel like their husband or their partner doesn't love them anymore. They have night sweats and they feel uncomfortable. Would you go talk to them?

She goes, yes, I'm a warrior for them. Let me go help them. I like you open up the shirt. Your cape is on. You want to go help these women. So the smaller the niche, the more your confidence goes up because you have the breakthroughs for them. Right. Where people think I got to help women. No. What women? What group?

What transition? That's where our world's at. 

[00:45:16] Hala Taha: Yeah. And to your point, competence breeds confidence, right? So if you're super focused on one specific problem and you become the go to person for it. Your confidence is going to go up too. 

[00:45:29] Dean Graziosi: Absolutely. 

[00:45:29] Hala Taha: Okay. So one last question, let's talk about AI. Cause you're talking about how the game has changed.

How has AI changed the game? How do you think entrepreneurs are going to use AI? How do you use AI? I'd love to know. 

[00:45:40] Dean Graziosi: Yeah. So I think again, one of those things, most of you listening have probably already used it, but how do you sharpen the ax? How do you sharpen the tool to use it even more? And we know if you ask the right question, you get the right answer.

But what I see and what. For example, what Tony and I are doing, we've created an AI and we spent the last year working on the things like Tony and I, we've taken our knowledge, our experience. How do we do million person events? How do we do our marketing? How do we write our emails? How do we get people to show up?

How do we identify what our asset is and how do we lay out a course or lay out a coaching program or lay out a podcast or lay out a in person workshop or an in person mastermind? And we took our years of experience. Like I say this and I know you guys get it, but if someone would have told me or any of us 10 years ago that this would have been really like.

No way, but it's here. So for example where I see the niches where it's going to really transform is instead of it Just being general help what tony and I are creating just as an example is How do you think like Tony and Dean when it comes to being in this industry? How do I lay out my course? What are the six topics I should teach on menopause or teaching people how to do podcasts or teaching people how to sell?

What would you name the product? What would you price the product? What would be the headline? What would be the first page? What is the pictures? All of those things when it thinks like Tony Knight gives us the answers in seconds. Even six years ago when we used to teach this, it was probably two or three months to get through all that.

You know, who's my ideal client? Who should I be targeting? What kind of message do 40 to 60 year old women need to get to say yes. All of that comes out and it thinks like us. It's like having me in your pocket. Then I got 30 years of doing this. I never would have thought that existed. And sometimes people think it's difficult when really done right.

It's simplicity on the other side of complexity. Right. It's a complex. I could never imagine how AI works, but I know if I ask it the right question, the simplicity is it gives me an answer that just saved me a month's time in research. So it is going to change the game and those that understand how to utilize it are going to be out in front.

Tony and I've been saying, we were just on the phone last night talking about it and I said, When you understand this, this allows you to have an unfair advantage. It really does. It allows you to be one step ahead. And those of you who are going to ignore it, unfortunately, going to be two steps behind. I know that sounds harsh, but it's just a reality.

And this is the time to embrace it. Don't stick your head in the sand. Don't think it's going to go away. The game has truly changed forever. You might as well get the new game plan. 

[00:48:05] Hala Taha: Yeah. AI is something that we're heavily focused on. How can we use it? Cause to your point, everyone's going to be using it and be like light years ahead of us if we don't figure out how we're going to leverage AI for ourselves.

All right. So this has been such an incredible conversation. Again, guys, the Game Has Changed event is June 13th to the 15th. We're going to stick the link in the show notes if you guys want to check it out. That website again is Dean. 

[00:48:27] Dean Graziosi: It's deanandtonylive. com forward slash hella. Okay, perfect. And it is free.

I just got to share. But the last thing I'll say is. It's free, but can you pretend you paid a thousand bucks for it? Cause in my experience, when people don't pay, sometimes you don't pay attention. Tony and I get ridiculous amounts of money for events and consulting. I get 250, 000 a day for consulting. I don't say that to brag.

I can't believe it. I pinch myself sometimes. But this is truly free and just put a value in your head. I promise you, it'll be an incredible experience and it will open your eyes to some really amazing things. 

[00:49:02] Hala Taha: Yeah. I've been to these events. They're incredible. They're no fluff. You're actually going to learn things.

And as entrepreneurs, you really need to figure out how to put on these digital products. It's very important. So hopefully you guys go. So Dean, two last questions that I end all my shows with, and it doesn't have to be about today's topic. You can go wherever you want to go. What is one actionable piece of advice that our young and profiters can do today to become more profitable tomorrow?

[00:49:27] Dean Graziosi: I'm going to go back to what I already shared with you. I would today make a list of all the things you do on a weekly basis and I would get rid of the things that don't serve the man or the woman you want to become. Sacrifice a little today so you can have just an abundant life forever. 

[00:49:42] Hala Taha: Great advice.

And what is your secret to profiting in life? 

[00:49:45] Dean Graziosi: Money without fulfillment is the emptiest thing in the world. So work on you as much as you work on your business. Jim Rohn. An old personal development trainer is the one that got Tony Robbins in this world. He said, for things to get better, we have to get better.

And I think if you just work on the money part, you might miss the most important part of love, family, connection, children. If that's what you so choose. Don't sacrifice one for the other, because the fact of the matter is, if you have more joy, In the, the journey of entrepreneurship, you will get there faster.

[00:50:16] Hala Taha: And where can everybody learn more about you and everything that you do? 

[00:50:19] Dean Graziosi: I would say just, you can find me on Instagram at, at Dean Graziosi. 

[00:50:23] Hala Taha: Awesome. We'll stick all of your links in the show notes. Dean, thank you so much for your time today. 

[00:50:26] Dean Graziosi: Oh, this is amazing. Take care, everybody. Well, yeah, bam, that was such a phenomenal interview.

[00:50:35] Hala Taha: I love Dean's energy. I love when he's on the show. And he always inspires me to be a better entrepreneur. And talking with Dean today really reminded me of how far I've come over the last two, three years in my business. And sometimes it's so exhilarating to just forget about today's problems and take stock of things.

and recognize how far you've come along. We don't really do that enough. So why doesn't everybody just pause right now and think about where were you during COVID? How far have you come along since then? I think a lot of us have grown so much and have accomplished so much in just four short years. So much transition, so much chaos.

And a lot of us came out the other side better and more successful. I hope that was the case for you. It was certainly the case for me. And if you've been tuning into Young and Profiting, hopefully I've been a part of that positive journey for you. And as business owners, entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs, we all buy into this version of the American dream that Dean talked about.

That opportunity to have no limits, to have freedom and ultimate joy, to have hope with a path. And you need that path. You need that plan. And like he said, small businesses and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the country. And we should all be so proud of how hard we work and how ambitious our dreams are.

And despite inflation and despite all the challenges that we have today. There's really never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. There's never been a better time. We've got platforms like Shopify and Kajabi that allow us to create e commerce businesses and courses at our fingertips. By the way, those are two sponsors of the show, and you've got great opportunities to try these programs for free today, go in the show notes and find the information.

Nowadays, because we have all these awesome softwares that allow us to just create products. We don't need the tech stuff, we just need things that are in our brain. And these are things that are not really obvious, like we talked about that lady who was teaching people about menopause. In the past, there was no way that if you wanted to teach people about a life experience that you could do that, unless you were like a tech wizard.

That's no more, you can literally just think about how to be a good mom and put out a course about that, or how to be a good dad, or how to be a strong man, or whatever it is. It doesn't even have to be like a skill. It could be anything in your life. And now you don't have to drop a hundred grand on an info commercial like Dean did.

We've got the possibility with technology to just do everything at our fingertips, like never before. And when you lean into your full potential, you're going to pursue a career that you truly care about. You'll be a better person, a better partner, a better mentor to others, and you get to make money while doing it.

You can transform your skills, passions, or experiences into a digital product, into a thriving business that you love. If you are interested in this and you want to master developing digital products with two of the greatest to ever do it, go ahead and sign up to the Game Has Changed event. Hosted by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, who was the guest today.

It's June 13th to 15th. It's coming up really soon in a couple of days. It's a two day free event, totally free. It's 2. 5 hours a day. It is going to be well worth your time. I have zero incentive. Dean is not a sponsor. He's just a friend. I have zero incentive to promote this, but I think it's great for anybody who wants to do a digital course.

I know that this is going to be packed. With value. I've attended Dean and Tony's events before. I'm going to be sending in my team to make sure that we know everything that they're teaching, because we have our own digital products at Yap Media. So I'm sending in my team to learn it's deanandtonylive.

com slash holla to sign up for this free two day event. Again, it's June 13th to the 15th. It's two and a half hours. Totally going to be well worth your time. Totally free event. I have zero incentive to solicit this. And I just want to share it with you guys, because I think it's going to be well worth your time.

It's DeanAndTonyLive. com slash holla. We'll stick that link in the show notes. It's DeanAndTonyLive. com slash holla to register for this event. And like Dean said, the biggest challenge we have is the story that we tell ourselves inside our heads. So if you're telling yourself, I could never do that, or, oh, that's not for me, or I could never figure it out.

Snap out of it. Snap out of it. It's so important to protect your confidence, your belief in yourself. That is truly your greatest asset. And one of the ways to protect your confidence is to increase your competence. And to learn from people like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. So again, the live event is DeanAndTonyLive.

com to register. And thanks for listening to this episode of Young and Profiting podcast. If you listened, learned, and profited from this conversation with the amazing Dean Graziosi and you know someone who's starving for wisdom, then why not share this episode with them? And if you did enjoy the show and you learned something, then please drop us a five star review on Apple podcast.

I am going to ask you again, if you enjoyed the podcast. I love to read my reviews. It is so great for our social proof. Just take a couple minutes, drop us a review. We have thousands of reviews because we have awesome listeners like you. It really helps support the show. It's the only thing I ask for is for you guys to write a review.

Please do it. Take a couple minutes. And if you prefer to watch your podcast as videos, we're on YouTube. I've been doing a lot more in person interviews. I'm going to be moving to an in person format because I just feel like there's so much better chemistry. I'm tired of doing it virtual. We're grown up at Young and Profiting.

We're moving to in person later this summer. I'm so excited for that, but you can start seeing the transition on YouTube now. You can find all of our episodes on Young and Profiting. If you want to catch me on Instagram, It's at Yap with Hala. I'm also on LinkedIn. Halataha is where you'll find me there.

Thank you so much to my Yap production team. I appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes. This is the podcast princess Halataha signing off. 

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