YAPLive: Selfmade – How To Start, Run and Grow Your Business with Brit Morin | Uncut Version

YAPLive: Selfmade – How To Start, Run and Grow Your Business with Brit Morin | Uncut Version

Join Hala for a live recorded episode of Young and Profiting podcast featuring Brit Morin, CEO and Founder of Brit + Co. Selfmade brings together the world’s top female entrepreneurs to teach you how to create a new business or grow your existing one in a 10-week highly interactive virtual course.

***Meet the Moderators***

Brit Morin: Brit grew up loving to create but as she began to learn coding, she traded her love of art for a career in technology and marketing by working with big names like Apple and Google.

In 2011, Brit started the progressive, girl centric brand Brit & Co which provides similar projects that she fell in love with all those years ago in a host of categories including business and illustrating!

Brit has been featured as a contributor for the likes of CNN, the Today Show, and Katie Couric, just to name a few and her latest book Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation is a guide to creative living in and out of your home.

Brit is also the founder of Selfmade which is the title of this room. Selfmade is an education and community platform for female entrepreneurs (more about that later). And finally, as if this wasn’t enough, Brit is the host of the Teach Me Something New podcast.

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