Ep. 28: Master Visual Storytelling with Quentin “Q” Allums

Did you know that video is the best performing content type on most mainstream social media platforms right now? Video is super compelling and connects you to others in a way that words or images can’t— so if you’re trying to build a following or grow your personal brand, it’s in your best interest to master visual storytelling! Joining us this week is Quentin “Q” Allums, one of the first video creators on LinkedIn and prominent influencer on the platform. Aside from being one of the best visual storytellers of our time, Q also runs a video marketing company as well as an events company under his conglomerate, Urban Misfit Ventures. When Q isn’t working on his start up, he’s interviewing great minds on his podcast “Strange on Purpose,” and traveling the world for speaking engagements on notable stages from TedX to VidCon. Tune in to learn the elements of a visual story, tips to make your video go viral, how to use video marketing for your personal brand and more! We also touch on Q’s inspiring rags-to-riches story, and his advice on becoming a better public speaker.

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