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Do you have what it takes to be a successful marketer? Josh Fechter is an author, entrepreneur and expert growth hacker. In order to scale businesses, growth hacking utilizes a combination of marketing, data analysis and engineering. In today’s digital world, not only is it important for companies to create quality content; the distribution of that content needs to be done effectively in order to ensure growth. As Josh Fechter states during the interview: “The content that went viral on linkedin a year and a half ago doesn’t go viral today, people’s expectations of the quality of content is a lot higher to say the least.”

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, many of us can benefit from learning better marketing skills. In this episode, Hala Taha and our guest Josh Fechter discuss how we can grow companies through growth hacking  and improve our own online social presence.

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Once people realize there’s actually a framework to growth, that’s when it started to click, marketing is not guessing.


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What we are yapping about in this episode:

  • Marketing has a framework and measurable results. [22:39]
  • Outsourcing and scaling is about understanding how it works before hiring someone to do it better than you [24:32]
  • Building an asset [28:29]
  • Understanding the importance of automation  [40:36]

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