Ep. 39: Preparing for Leadership with Ron Carucci

The next generation of leaders are rising to power! In #39, Hala yaps with Ron Carucci, founder and managing partner of consulting firm, Navalen. Ron has an impressive thirty years of experience helping executives tackle challenges relating to strategy, organization, and leadership. He has worked with start-ups to fortune 10 companies in over 30 countries. He’s also the author of “Rising to Power,” and his work has been featured in HBR, Business week, Fortune among other publications. In this episode, you’ll get a guidance on how to navigate a new leadership role by learning ways to avoid failure, how to improve self-perception to better manage weaknesses and why we should avoid binary decision making at all costs. Get marketing services like logos, whiteboard videos, animation and web development on Fivver: track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=51570&brand=fiverrcpa Learn new marketing skills like graphic design and video editing on Fivver Learn: track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=51570…rand=fiverrlearn

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