#70: Stop Resisting Change with Jason Feifer

Did you know that people were once afraid of things like bicycles, elevators and teddy bears? History has proven that when things are new, we tend to be scared of them. Successful entrepreneurs know how to overcome this, and now how to get their customers to come along for the ride. Today we’re chatting with Jason Feifer, a journalist, author, podcaster, public speaker and the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. Jason hosts not one but three awesome podcasts (Problem Solvers, Pessimists Archive, and Hush Money). Jason has led an amazing career as a journalist and in the past he has held senior editor positions at Fast Company, Men’s Health, and Maxim Magazine among others. Jason is recognized as an authority on change— providing thought leadership on why people resist it, and the importance of embracing it. Tune into this episode to explore how Jason rose to top of his field as a journalist and developed his personal brand, and we’ll also dive deep into change and how entrepreneurs can both better embrace change and help their customers more easily accept and adapt to new technologies.

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